Funeral Cover from AVBOB, the leading Funeral Services Provider

Grief and sense of loss come with the death of a loved one. Sometimes the disturbing thought comes that one might not be able to afford the funeral. You would like to be able to give the deceased the best send-off you possibly can. That’s where AVBOB funeral cover for all comes into the picture.

The realisation that a breadwinner has died is very daunting. You can avoid all this if your loved one has covered the family with the benefits of a funeral plan or policy.

AVBOB is a leading Funeral Services Provider. They have over 150 branches across South Africa.

AVBOB started in 1918, at the end of World War 1. There was an epidemic of Spanish Flu in South Africa. People died by the thousands, forcing them to have a kitty for contributions towards the funeral expenses. This small beginning became AVBOB funeral care as we know it today.

The Funeral Policy in General

When you have AVBOB funeral cover, their caring and involvement are evident from the moment you make the call Avbob Funeral Cover for Allinforming them of the passing.

  • They will immediately arrange for the transfer of the deceased to the funeral home or mortuary, and will also prepare the body for burial.
  • A representative will be sent around to your house if requested to help and give advice on arrangements for the service and burial, or cremation.
  • AVBOB can arrange to counsel.
  • They will give advice on the type and size of coffin or casket.
  • They arrange to get the death certificate.
  • AVBOB registers the death at Home Affairs.
  • AVBOB supplies graveside equipment.
  • They will print the funeral pamphlets for the service, as well as arrange for death notices in the necessary newspapers.


AVBOB Funeral Cover for All

AVBOB funeral cover has many benefits for both the individual and the family. With several options available, the cash lump sum payout will be between R5,000 and R50,000.

  • Monthly premiums start at about R37 per month.
  • Maximum entry age is 65.
  • There is a six month waiting period before paying out for death due to natural causes. Immediate payout if the death is accidental. With accidental death, the payout is doubled.
  • Premiums are revised annually, though an increase is not compulsory.
  • You may have four parents and six extended family members on the one policyholder’s policy.
  • The policy covers children until they are 20 unless they are students, in which case the age will be 25.
  • The system accumulates value in an investment account, with a withdrawal option every five years.
  • AVBOB calculates the premiums according to the age next birthday of the oldest member receiving benefits.

Cash-Back Funeral Cover

Every five years of not claiming, you get the 5th year’s premiums back in cash.

The cover and benefits of this plan are much the same as the Family Funeral Insurance program.

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Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Cash lump payout of between R5,000 and R50,000.
  • No medical examination.
  • Payout within 48 hours of death.
  • Pay for one child; the rest are covered free.
  • AVBOB will make and supervise all funeral arrangements.

Policy Holder’s Benefits

▪ cash back after five years

▪ the use of the hearse

▪ the use of the AVBOB mortuary

▪ you may choose an individual or a family cover

▪ free basic funeral

▪ free transportation of the deceased within the borders of South Africa provided AVBOB conducts the funeral service

Breadwinner’s Benefit – if the policy-holder pays his premiums, and dies within ten years of commencing the policy, then the rest of the family gets cover for life without paying any premiums.

Conclusion About AVBOB Funeral Cover for All

AVBOB funeral cover for all is the only provider that can do absolutely everything for you from funeral cover to the grave. Surely this makes them a very convenient, leading, one-stop funeral shop.

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All info was correct at time of publishing