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When you lose a loved one, it is a painful time of grief. The last thing you need is to be worried by financial concerns. Sadly, this is the case with many families who do not have an Assupol funeral policy. As a result, they do not have ready cash to cater for what they soon realise are the significant funeral and burial costs.

It is expensive to give your relative a dignified sendoff.

  • You need to provide transport for the body to the mortuary and from the mortuary to the location of the burial/cremation site.
  • Preparing the body for burial and the grave site to receive the casket will also mean more expenditure.
  • Someone will have to buy the coffin as well as the wreaths and other small items.
  • Placing a death notice in the newspaper obituaries is just as costly.

An Assupol funeral policy will cover all of this for you.

About Assupol Life

Some insurance firms in South Africa have funeral plans. Sanlam, Metropolitan, Old Mutual and Momentum are just a few of the famous companies that supply funeral cover.

Another is Assupol Life. The company has a reputation, built over the past 100 years, for providing life insurance products tailored to South Africans.

Assupol Funeral PolicyAssupol helps families to deal with these expenses without having to go through the agony of trying to raise money at a time they should be grieving. The firm has developed a range of funeral plans. We will look at two of the most popular Assupol funeral policy offerings:

Assupol Funeral Policy Choices

Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Policy. Whether you are a single worker or a married person with dependents, theĀ Absolute Advantage Family Plan will be very useful. It is especially ideal for married couples. If your spouse passes away, Assupol will pay you R50,000, which is the minimum with this plan. Should it be you who dies first, your spouse or the beneficiary you choose will be awarded the compensation. Your children, should you have any, will also be catered for under this policy though it covers up to a maximum of five children. There are additional benefits for policyholders who can top up on their premium. One of these is the extension of the cover to your loved ones after your death without them contributing premiums.

Excellence Family Funeral Plan. The Excellence Family Funeral Plan premium for this policy is slightly higher at R70 per month. You get a lot of bang for your buck. You will have the R50,000 payout in case you die. Like the Absolute Advantage Family Plan, the cover extends to your spouse and your children, but here the children are covered for life, not just until they attain adulthood. The plan offers other perks. One is the easy sign-up which precludes drawn out medical examinations. There are more benefits you can reap from this policy if you can add something to the basic R70. You can get continued cover for you and your family beyond your death or even if you are retrenched and become unable to pay the premiums.

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