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No matter what size business you have, inevitably customer services relate to the level of services provided to clients. In South Africa, many people complain about the bad services they receive from all quarters, so when they do find some excellent customer services, they like to tell their family and friends about it. AVBOB customer services are exemplary. So AVBOB has millions of members because they like the services they receive.

Efficient customer service is a major factor, and it takes time, resources and money to ensure that super customer services exist throughout a business.

AVBOB know that with good customers services they will increase customer loyalty from their millions of members, and that their members will spread the word about their excellent services.

AVBOBCustomer ServicesHow does AVBOB ensure Excellent Customer Services

  • They treat their members, regardless of race or culture, respectfully.
  • They encourage their members to complain or compliment them on their services so then they can work on those areas where improvement is needed.
  • They are available to their customers 24/7.
  • They make a point of understanding their customer’s needs, making a study of their purchasing habits so that they can personalise their customer services
  • They make sure they publish valuable information about their business on their website so that their members know exactly who they are and what their values are.
  • They offer different kinds of feedback options so that they can keep up to date with what their customers want.

AVBOB are a leading, specialist funeral insurance and burial service provider.

They are quite happy to admit that they regard themselves as the best and can offer their customers valuable advice and assistance with regards to planning a funeral. So they offer their customers a host of customer care numbers –

Avbob’s website:       www.avbob.co.za
Fax:                             086 754 6876
Head Office Helpline: +27-12-303-1000
Customer Care:        0861-128262
Funeral Service:       0861-3863725
AVBOB Customer Services:    027-12-303-1399
Customer Care Email Id: info@AVBOB.co.za
Customer Support Email Id: complaints@avbob.co.za

Avbob may be an African based insurance company, but their products and good customer services have seen them expanding so that they offer their insurance and funeral services in countries in other parts of the world.  Their head office is in Pretoria, Gauteng.With the help of customer care numbers, consumers can always get details about funeral policies. Some of their other customer care numbers for other parts of South Africa, include, among others

AVBOB Customer Services Numbers

●Avbob Helpline Cape Town
Vogue House, Suite-503, Thibault Square, Cape Town, 8012
Tel:  021-419-3771, 021-419-5464

●Johannesburg – 7 Owl Str, Milpark, Johannesburg, 2001
Tel: 011 482 1027
Click to call: 08611 FUNERAL

  • Durban – 318 Umbilo Road, Durban, 4013
    Tel: 031 206 1831/2

Click to call: 08611 FUNERAL

Loyal customers are necessary to AVBOB as they generate positive word of mouth, which is the ultimate marketing tool. It works for AVBOB who have close to 4 million members. AVBOB have their mistakes, but if handled in the right way with good customer services, they believe they can turn any negativities into something positive.

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