Get an AVBOB Funeral Policy

Having any insurance in place can certainly ease your financial worries. Think of this: more than 3.5 million people like what they get with an AVBOB funeral policy.

With good funeral insurance, you get more than a funeral cover policy. You get support in different ways such as counselling for the bereaved.

When you choose your funeral policy carefully, you’ll get a funeral plan that offers services that go far beyond just providing a burial or cremation.

Some of the services include:

  • The transportation of people to and from the funeral.
  • Catering which includes not just food and drink, but chairs, tables, perhaps tents and much more.

Meaning of an AVBOB Funeral Policy

When a loved one dies, many people crack because they don’t know where to start with planning a funeral. They don’t have the money either, and at their most emotional, they find the family bickering Why an AVBOB Funeral Policy is Differentand squabbling over who will pay for what. With an AVBOB Funeral Policy, they have all the means and resources to help you get back on track after the death of a loved one.

With expert advice, products and services, they simply guide you towards making a smart choice.

Why not call AVBOB at any one of their many helplines and ask them about their very affordable funeral plans? What a relief, to leave all your headaches in their capable hands.

When you get an AVBOB funeral policy, you get so much.

  • Choose a cash payout or allow AVBOB to arrange everything for you
  • you get a broad range of funeral services free of charge – use of mortuary, hearse, discount on a coffin, use of coffin lowering device, death registration at Home Affairs
  • you can cover a broad range of family members and even extended members
  • there is no medical examination and no questions
  • accidental death gets you a double payout


But why get an Avbob Funeral Policy?

Don’t be overwhelmed with an impossible number of documents from other funeral plan service providers. Why not look at what you get with an AVBOB funeral cover arrangement?

Their funeral insurance products include their Family Funeral Insurance, their Extended Family Insurance and their Cashback Funeral Policy.

Beliefs and Cultures are Respected

AVBOB may well be a billion Rand Mutual Society, but they like their members to know that when you join them, you aren’t just a policyholder, but you become a stakeholder.

Just in special bonuses alone, they have paid out well over R.3 billion alone.

AVBOB provide funeral cover to policyholders and private clients such as church organisations, governments and employer groups among others. AVBOB understands the diversity of their customers, and when you take out a funeral policy with them, they offer funeral services in keeping with your culture and beliefs.

When you consider the amount of people that own an AVBOB funeral policy, it becomes worth consideration.

With well over 150 branches now dotted around South Africa in all nine provinces, AVBOB understands funerals well, and their goal is to save families in distress from a lot of frustration and inconvenience.

When you’re in anguish, they guide you every step of the way so that you wonder how you could ever have done without them.

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