Which Doves Funeral Plan is Right for Me?

Many people in South Africa have limited experience regarding the legal requirements and practicalities involved in planning a funeral. Too few people have a Doves funeral plan.

When death occurs most people are too emotionally distraught to have to think of making plans. Many people know what a tremendous comfort they can derive from relying on the services of a professional funeral home.

Doves is one of South Africa’s largest and most professional funeral service providers. They have been serving South Africans for decades. Comparison shopping for the best funeral plan doesn’t have to be mind boggling. Especially if you start researching and comparing well before the actual need for a funeral arises.

Contact Doves well in Advance

Thinking and planning ahead can help you make careful decisions about what funeral arrangements you want, allowing you to choose a plan you want and to then compare the prices from a number of different funeral plans.

An excellent aspect of Doves Funeral Services is that they offer their customers several top funeral plans, and these have different premiums attached to them to allow people with low and high earnings to find a plan that can provide them with the products and services they need.

A Customised Doves Funeral Plan

Doves offer insurance products and services which attend to the needs of their customers. This is why they also create customized solutions for each market.

Their funeral plans range from R5 000 to R50 000 cover from their different products – Doves All Nations, their Funeral Plan, Funeral Policy, their Life Plan, All Nations Plus +, their Burial Service Doves Funeral PlanPlan and their Doves All Nations Burial Plan.

With each of these plans a once-off joining fee of R50 is required and no medical tests will be required. Waiting periods of between  6 and 9 months are also in place.

  • The Doves All Nations – this plan includes 12 family members and offers cover up to R19 000. The premium for this funeral plan starts from R225 per month.
  • The Doves Funeral Plan – designed for those who want to pay as little as R80 a¬† month. You choose the family members you want included
  • The Doves funeral Policy is truly affordable, so this full funeral policy is specially designed for just R30 per month.
  • The Doves Life Plan is a full funeral policy for R215 per month
  • The Doves All Nations Plus + – this plan offers cover for up to 12 members with added benefits
  • The Doves Burial Services plan – this is a full package which is available for a sum of R100 per month. With it you get R 5 000 cash immediately, registration of the death, 2 family cars, transportation, refreshments and funeral programmes plus a R15 000 casket
  • The Doves All Nations Burial Plan – A full funeral package for 12 people where you get R5000 cash back, a casket to the value of R15 000 plus the same benefits as the Doves Burial Services Plan



Once you’ve put Doves Funeral Services to the test, it won’t be long before you’re telling others about their superb funeral plans – and this is exactly why Doves is one of the most popular funeral plan providers – news of good services and products spreads like wildfire.

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