Products and Services from AVBOB Pretoria

AVBOB Pretoria has been providing South Africans with simple, affordable and respectful funerals for close to 100 years. They opened in Bloemfontein in 1921.

AVBOB has never wavered from their original vision. Their motto is: To be the provider of funeral services which cater for every race which is part of South Africa’s rainbow nation.

From their humble beginnings, today AVBOB have more than 150 branches conveniently located around South Africa and more than 3.5 million members. Their popularity is because of their excellent products and services,

So AVBOB is always looking for ways to create funeral services that remain affordable and dignified.

Today this leading funeral service provider is South Africa’s success story. Because South Africans no Funeral Home AVBOB Pretorialonger have to contend with unremarkable, expensive funerals.

Simple Affordability from AVBOB Pretoria

Most South Africans just want a simple, affordable funeral and AVBOB offers this and more. They are a billion rand burial society providing high-quality services to South Africa’s diverse population.

AVBOB has three operating divisions:

  1. AVBOB Insurance.
  2. AVBOB Industries.
  3. AVBOB Funeral Services. This division offers a one-stop funeral service through a network of professionally run funeral homes of which Pretoria is one.

Pretoria is actually where Avbob’s Head Office is at AVBOB Building, 368 Madiba Street, Pretoria. They also have other branches in Pretoria offering a one-stop, affordable funeral service.

Some of the services available to AVBOB Pretoria members living in the administrative capital of South Africa:

  • AVBOB Pretoria offers funeral policies designed to cater for the different cultural and ethnic diversities of the country.
  • Plans range from their Standard Funeral Policy with an extended family plan to Group Cover.
  • AVBOB runs a toll-free call centre staffed by thousands of highly trained people who help policyholders with all their queries.

AVBOB Pretoria says they will be there for you and to this end, with your very first phone call, qualified staff will assist you with a respectable funeral.  People appreciate that AVBOBs services are available to them 24/7 and that AVBOB will make the funeral arrangements at your home, where they and discuss funeral arrangements there.

Services from AVBOB Pretoria

  • Arrange with doctors to issue a death certificate.
  • Help with choosing either a burial or cremation.
  • Arranging the funeral according to your particular beliefs, whatever they may be.
  • Attending to all the nitty gritty’s such as the venue, time of the funeral, what the deceased will wear, the type of coffin to be used, will there be a eulogy, who will carry the coffin, will catering be required and much, much more. A broad range of services means you can leave everything in their capable hands.

With so much experience in the provision of funeral services for members as well as non-policyholders, you can be sure that AVBOB provides quality products and services. They are a Mutual Assurance Society, and apart from their regular annual bonuses, they have also allocated billions of Rands in special bonuses, free funeral benefits for policyholders, free basic funerals as well as free transportation of the deceased within the borders of South Africa. These free burial benefits are subject to certain terms and conditions and also only when AVBOB conducts the funeral of the life insured.


Because AVBOB is a member of the National Funeral Director’s Association (NFDA), they are 100% committed to adhering to the code of conduct of the Association, and this means the people of Pretoria can rely on reputable services from AVBOB.

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