Services Offered by Doves Funerals

Doves Funerals offers services accord with the specific needs of the family and their loved ones.

Yes, a funeral home provides many activities, products and services. But with Doves Funerals no funeral is one-size-fits-all. However, they do provide services which are basic to every funeral plan.

Their services are available to their members 24/7. And their services take effect from the moment they hear from the family that a loved one has passed away.

Doves Funerals will remove and transfer the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home. They will perform professional and caring services to the dead, as the family requests. These services may include washing the body, embalming services and dressing the body.

Doves Funerals Lightens Your Burden

Services Offered by Doves FuneralsThese kinds of services can be precious to the family, who, in their grief, don’t know which way to turn to get things moving towards laying their loved one to rest. Many South Africans don’t know how to go about completing all the necessary paperwork such as the Certificate of Death as well as permits and authorizations for their next of kin. But Doves will take this burden from you too. They are simply there to arrange all the details of any funeral service you have in mind.

You Can’t Escape Death, But You Can Make It Easier

When there is a death in the family, the mind becomes numb.  You stop thinking, and things become a blur. So this is why funeral services from Doves are so desirable. When you’re out of action because of grief, they are there to take over. They operate from the time you need to inform all your family and friends. They stay right until, in the case of cremation, you scatter the ashes into the wind. They will place a notice of death in the local newspaper or use SMS services to reach family and friends.

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Whether you are a Christian, Humanist, Jew or Muslim, Doves Funerals handles all their members the same. Their services extend to helping the family with the choice of venue and transportation in the form of funeral cars and a hearse. And they help with the selection of minister or officiant, selection of music, flowers, eulogies and other requests. They can also be roped in to arrange individual groups to participate in the funeral service – whatever you want in fact.

Whether you want a burial or cremation, Doves will contact and arrange all the important details that many people don’t consider. These include attending to and clearing regulations at the cemetery or the crematorium. They are there to act as counsellors, available to answer all funeral related questions. These include the tiniest details, such as tribute DVDs to thank-you cards to refreshments to photographs, arranging flowers and much more.

Why are you So Relaxed?

Remember that with Dove’s nothing is set in stone. So you any services or plans you select can be modified to reflect your wishes. With Doves Funerals, you can rely on a ‘full package’ range of staff and support services to accommodate the needs of all South Africans. It is important to note that Doves encourages personalisation. The bottom line is that with Doves, people will wonder why, at the funeral, you manage to appear so relaxed.

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All info was correct at time of publishing