Why Doves Funerals Are Different

‘A Life Well Remembered Lives On’ – this motto of Doves is probably the reason their funerals are different. They help you arrange a funeral that is a tribute to your loved one, with lasting memories of the send-off they deserve. But why Doves you might ask?

  • Doves have been arranging funerals for more than 130 years, and yet they don’t lose sight of the fact that to you, this might be the very first time.
  • You may pick up a telephone anytime, and talk to any one of the experienced members of their team.
  • However, if you feel you need a longer discussion than one can have on the phone, then you can call in at any one of their 160 branches around the country, or even ask if a representative can visit you in the comfort of your home.


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Why DovesWhy Doves – What makes Doves Different?

  • Their People

They will treat you as if the roles reversed, with compassion and respect.

▪They listen to what you want to do, and what you have to say, for as long as you need them to.

▪They take nothing for granted because it is all about you, their valued client.

▪An experienced team will guide you.

▪They will want to create a pleasant memory of the life you want to celebrate.

▪They will be quietly in the background, making sure all runs smoothly, but will always be on hand should you need them.

  • Their Values

They base all that they do on five values. They are –

    • Responsive – they are available, whatever the request, and whatever time of day.
    • Respectful – they treat you in a humane way
    • Trustworthy – they keep their promises and do everything with integrity. You can depend on them to have your best interests at heart.
    • Accessible – their services are open to all, groups or individuals. They are approachable and listen well.
    • Progressive – Doves offers you a wide range of options, but are equally open-minded and want to hear your ideas.


  • Their Services 

They build their services around your needs. They will guide you through all the practical and legal requirements, based on their 130 years experience.

  • Advice and help.
  • They will register the death, and assist with all other legal forms and documents.
  • They can offer you a special room, and dress the deceased for visitation. They will also accompany you if you so wish.
  • They will prepare the service sheets for you, and place the notices in the newspaper.
  • They will help with all aspects of the funeral itself, including choice of a coffin, contacting the minister, organist, florist and others.
  • They will handle all the flowers and donations for you.
  • They will advise on memorials and tombstones.
  • They have a website where you can find useful articles on coping with grief, and a list of other organisations that can help you with other emotions too.


  • Their Funeral Plans

Why Doves? Because Doves has been around a long time, they have been able to put together a comprehensive range of Cover products, spanning people from all different walks of life. From a single young lady with her first job to a high-ranking official with many dependants, there will be a perfect cover most suited to you.

    • There are six different options from which to choose.
    • Doves make cash payouts within 48 hours of death.
    • Payouts are between R5 000 and R50 500.
    • Monthly premiums are between R30 and R265.
    • If you are under 65 years of age, then there is a six-month waiting period for a natural death. If older than 65, the waiting period is nine months.


Why Doves – The One for All

One for all, and all for one – Doves certainly is your one and only Funeral Services Provider who have EVERYTHING covered.

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All info was correct at time of publishing