Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Cover Explained

Not every funeral plan will offer what you want and need. Every provider offers something unique, and each one has a mix of pros and cons. So with any funeral cover, check the details. Make sure you know what you are buying. For just R85 a month, then you can get excellent Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Cover from a  Kaizer Chiefs Financial Services.

The Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Plan pays out a cash lump sum on your death. Cover ranges from R10 000 to R50 000. However, the funeral cover will cease on your death. To keep your funeral cover active, you must pay your premium in full each month.

No Medical Examination

Kaizer Chiefs offers policies without a medical examination. Kaizer Chiefs Financial Services knows that everybody wants to have an upscale funeral but without a funeral plan, it is all but impossible. And they know that even a simple burial can cost 2 or 3 month’s salary.

Kaizer Chiefs Funeral CoverThe individual funeral plan of Kaizer Chiefs only covers you. However, there is the option to cover your partner and children. You can do this by adding the family funeral benefit to your individual plan.

Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Cover Added Benefits

  • Memorial benefit up to R10 000 one year after your death, which helps with those expenses for the unveiling ceremony.
  • Family funeral benefit – up to R50 000 payout for your partner.
  • Up to R10 000 for each child
  • Vehicle access benefit. The use of a car for six days with the first tank of petrol being free and you can enjoy unlimited mileage. There is also no deposit to put down.
  • Accidental death benefit – double payout for accidental death.
  • Monthly provider benefit – R1 200 per month, which will last for 12 months after the death to help the family get on their feet financially. Most people use it to buy groceries.
  • Parents benefit – cover for your mother, father and in-laws up to R10 000. But parents must be younger than 75 years of age.


Age Makes a Significant Difference to Premiums

There is no doubt that age has a dramatic effect on premiums even with Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Cover. Premiums will also depend on the benefits taken and the cover levels. So let’s look at an example of how age can make a difference with the Individual Funeral Cover, which shows the sum assured.

•age 18 – 20 – R73.40 will give a payout of R10 000
•age 71 – 75 – R135.10 will give a payout of R10 000

For someone between the ages of 18 – 20 who pays R85 00 – they get a payout of R50 000.
For someone who is between 71 – 75, for the same payout of R50 000, they will have to pay R357 50.

Documentation must be in Order

To put in a claim, and if you require help, call their toll free number on 0800 252 467. Or you can fax them at 011 351 3003. Note that the correct documentation must be handed in to ensure a claim payout.  Then Kaizer Chiefs will pay out within 48 hours if the paperwork is correct.

If you want further information on the Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Cover, then you can fill in the online form. Soon an agent will call you back.

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All info was correct at time of publishing