What Exactly is Burial Insurance?

In the 21st century, most people are looking at cremation over traditional burial, which is largely because of costs. Cremation is significantly cheaper than burying a body.  Another reason people choose cremation is that of the land space issue. Many cemeteries in some of the major cities are running out of space. Nevertheless, there are still those who choose burial over cremation. They invest in a whole life insurance policy with premiums being payable every month. They don’t know that they could just buy burial insurance.

The Earlier the Better

Age limits for purchasing funeral insurance varies. Some insurers will sell policies to applicants up until the age of 65 while others will go beyond 75.  It is never too early to start thinking about burial insurance. You never know your hour of departure from this world.

Burials are costly affairs. Today the cost of a basic funeral is estimated to be in the region of R10 000. Burial insurance, with a death benefit of between R5 000 to R50 000 and sometimes higher can be used to cover funeral costs. These include the casket, hearse, the cemetery plot, minister, headstone and flowers for instance.

Burial insurance is available to anyone. You don’t need to have a medical examination to join. You choose a plan that you can afford, with premiums starting at R25 at a month. Prices vary significantly depending on your age when you apply for burial insurance.

Get Free Burial Insurance Quotes

If you want to know what you’ll be forking out each month, most insurance agents can help you. There are also plenty of places on the Internet that will provide you with free burial insurance quotes. Burial insurance is an excellent way to prepare in advance for your funeral expenses. By you making provision, your family won’t be bickering about who’s Burial Insurance for Yougoing to pay for your burial.

Burial insurance is an excellent way to defray the costs of interment. In South Africa, burial is still a traditional end-of-life choice. There is a formal and an informal funeral industry in the Rainbow Nation. Policies are available from independent companies as well as franchises, of whom Martins Funerals are one.

With burial insurance, you can cover your partner and children. As soon as the policy starts, you get cover for accidental death. After a waiting period of 6 months, your cover extends to natural causes. Burial insurance can on a term or a whole life basis.

Term life offers financial protection so that when the life insured dies during the specified term, the death benefit goes  to the beneficiary.  Once the period expires, coverage is no longer guaranteed.
Whole life policies, on the other hand, cover you for your entire lifetime, regardless of when death occurs.

Before you sign a contract, just make use of online resources. Compare quotes from any number of trusted and reliable providers. Enjoy life with confidence knowing that your family won’t be squabbling about who is going to fork up for your final resting place.

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