Affordable Burial Insurance

Affordable burial insurance is an efficient insurance product.

Young people don’t think of death. But seniors think of death often. There is good news.  With affordable burial insurance seniors don’t  need a medical examination to join.

Funerals are expensive in SA. They cost R8 000 to R15 000 and sometimes much more, which can set anyone back  if someone dies unexpectedly.

Senior citizens know this. They worry about the stress of planning a funeral for them can cause. And yet they could so easily speak to a funeral director to find out about the different affordable burial insurance options on the market.

Affordable Burial Insurance for Seniors

Seniors these days realise that there are funeral plans that are geared specifically towards the older generation. No matter what your age, there is a funeral policy that the insurance company can personalise to cater for your specific needs.

Most funeral homes and financial institutions provide for affordable burial insurance for seniors. Shop around to get quotes. You will find the cover that suits you.

General Information

  • Funeral plans cater for all ages. They all provide for the 16-65 age group, some from 65-74, and others for those who are over 85.
  • Another affordable way is to cover theparent or grandparent  on the extended plan of one of the children’s funeral policies.
  • Usually, a plan for pensioners can be personalised so as to meet their specific needs.
  • The cover on the policy for senior citizens is generally quite a bit lower than for a younger person. The premiums will naturally be much higher, as the elderly are a more of a risk.
  • Although the cover might be a bit less than you would like, remind yourself that a little is better than nothing at all.

Affordable Burial Insurance

  • The insurance company pays out a lump sum to your beneficiary within 48 hours of putting in the claim, which is good news for the next of kin. They may have been wondering wondering where they can borrow cash to pay for your funeral.
  • A funeral or burial insurance is especially important for retired couples, as the spouse left behind will not then have the unexpected and costly funeral expenses to worry them.
  • See that you get the appropriate level of cover for your needs. For example, you might like to add benefits like groceries, and a memorial to your cover premiums.
  • Monthly premiums for pensioners will be about R100.
  • Most of these burial plans for the elderly do not require medical examinations or blood tests. You do not have to provide details of your medical history either.
  • It is especially the pensioners who want to protect their families. They don’t want them to have to find a lot of money during a sad time, to give them a dignified funeral.


No Sad Loss

There are many good reasons for seniors to take out funeral insurance. Funeral cover agents provide cover to suit every age and culture. It is, therefore, a big relief to pensioners to know that funeral plans are still available to them.  A little bit of research will show just how seriously affordable these funeral plans are.

AVBOB is a safe bet because R37 a month for a funeral premium is no sad loss. They offer comprehensive funeral plans that will take care of the entire funeral that every senior will appreciate.

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