Momentum Funeral Cover Provider

If you want to be sure that your family can afford to give you the kind of funeral you would like then you need a Momentum Funeral Cover Provider plan.

You choose cover according to your financial circumstances and the sort of funeral you would like.

FNB clients take note that FNB links their name to Momentum because of the extraordinary services and cover they provide. And their premiums are truly affordable.

With Momentum Funeral Cover Provider you will find that when the primary member passes away, Momentum Funeral Cover Providerbeneficiaries can enjoy between R5 000 and R100 000 worth of cover.

Another attractive aspect of Momentum Funeral Cover Provider is that funeral cover is available to real seniors. Unlike other plans with an age limit for joining of 65, Momentum’s is 75.

Get Clarity on Momentum’s Plans

If you’re unsure about Momentum’s funeral cover, then you can fill in the online form they provide, which allows you get quotes on their different options. Also, this allows you to chat about the various funeral plans with a Momentum consultant.

Setting aside a small amount of money each month in a Momentum Funeral Cover Provider can spare your family a lot of anguish and frustration. Squabbling over money you should have taken care of can cause people’s feelings towards you turn from love to frustration to bitterness.

With Momentum’s Funeral Cover Provider Nothing is Left Uncovered

A Momentum Funeral Cover Provider covers every kind of cost linked to a funeral. These include a coffin, tombstone, phone calls, catering, etc.

Let’s have a look at some of the many benefits you’ll benefit from with Momentum –

  • As the primary member of the¬†Momentum Funeral Cover Provider, you can cover your ENTIRE family – from the youngest to the oldest – as many as 50 members!
  • You can get between R5 000 and R100 000 worth of cover.
  • Airtime benefit of R250 – you’ll need every cent of this to let people know of the death of a loved one.
  • Grocery vouchers worth R1000 paid to you for six months.
  • Tombstone benefit of R5 000.
  • Cash back which equals one year of premiums paid to you every five years.
  • Once the central member dies,¬† you lose 12 months of premiums.
  • Insured people enjoy cover for their entire lives.
  • A useful checklist which guides you through the whole death process.
  • Free membership to Multiply Starter. You can enjoy discounts on a selected range of partners. For instance, you can get 15% off AVBOB funeral services and 7.5% reduced Mango flights. Check out further discounts at their Multiply online shop.

To benefit from all that Momentum Funeral Cover Provider offers you or even to change plans, apply online. If you don’t have a computer, but you have a cell phone, just SMS the word ‘Join’ to 40717. You can also download application forms.

Join the Family

Belonging to Momentum means you belong to a large family of excellent service providers. For instance, they understand the importance of having a meaningful and dignified funeral, which is why they have teamed up with AVBOB. AVBOB is one of the most renowned funeral service providers in the country. Their staff, from their many, branches nationwide will take all the necessary funeral arrangements into their capable hands.

Why not look at investing in funeral cover from Momentum? They symbolise the best qualities people want – your trusted partner on your journey to financial wellness in every area of your life.

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