Hollard Funeral Insurance Options

Many people, especially young people,  don’t like to think about funerals. Hollard funeral insurance policies are the furthest thing from their minds.

They’re inclined to think that death and funerals are the realms of the old and sick. But death could give a hoot about age. For death comes for the old and young, the healthy and the sick. So wise people take the time to plan for death.

So take out a funeral policy so you can get back to living life, free of stress. Then you don’t have to fret constantly about the nightmare that could ensue when a family member dies, and you don’t have the money to give them a decent funeral.

And if you take out a funeral insurance policy with this leading insurance company, they will pay out the assured sum within 48 hours, once they have the relevant documents. And the affordability is the best part about funeral insurance Hollard Funeral Cover Optionspolicies from Hollard.

Fantastic Hollard Funeral Insurance Payouts

With Hollard, if you die, as the primary member, Hollard pays back all the payments you made for funeral cover. Importantly, this feature applies to the entire life of the policy and the primary insured person and their partner. No wonder they are one of South Africa’s most famous funeral products.


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  • Hollard funeral insurance’s joining age. Remember that you must be between the ages of 18 and 75 to join, and you must be a South African citizen.
  • You get the funeral cover of between R10,000 and can go up to R75,000. And you choose the cover and the premium you can afford each month.
  • Children below the age of 21. And the Family Funeral Benefit covers up to 5 children, up to R20,000.
  • Funeral insurance policy to protect your entire family. That includes parents and partner’s relatives under the age of 75. The insured amount is R20,000 each.
  • Hollard makes sure that your funeral cover accords with funeral costs. Significantly, they’ll increase your funeral cover by 7% annually.
  • Hollard requires no medical examinations; and neither do they ask medical questions.
  • Immediate accidental death benefit so Hollard covers you from the moment you make your first payment.
  • After five years of paying funeral insurance premiums, Hollard will pay you a lump sum.
  • You get fabulous additional benefits such as the Monthly Provider, Personal Accident cover, Life Cover Benefit, Personal Accident Benefit, Daily Hospital Benefit and others. For instance, if the insured person dies, Hollard provides three days’ free use of an Avis rental car so that you can cope with organising a funeral without any restrictions.
  • Hollard pays out within 48 hours once they have all the correct documents.


Everything is Smooth and Easy

Hollard consultants will discuss your funeral plan options with you. They try to make it easy for their clients. Hollard offers a secure means to get a funeral cover quote. They provide an online insurance calculator. You provide them with your age and the sum you want to be insured. You’ll get a funeral insurance quote in keeping with your needs. Quotes are between R10,000 and R75,000 of cover.


Hollard funeral insurance offers a generous amount of benefits under just the one funeral insurance policy. The whole family benefits.  Permanent South African residents between 18 and 75 are guaranteed acceptance for Hollard funeral insurance.

Hollard funeral insurance product features and benefits continually change, and Hollard is constantly doing research to ensure that South Africans want the benefits they offer. Call them at (011) 351 5000, or fill out their online form and they will contact you shortly. You’ll discover why they are South Africa’s largest privately-owned insurance group and why 6 million policyholders look to them for their assurance solutions.

Please complete and send the form on this page to get a FREE funeral cover quote

All info was correct at time of publishing