Family Funeral Cover from Vodacom

Everybody is different. And everyone has different requirements when it comes to funeral cover. So Vodacom knows that everyone requires varying levels of cover. And some people prefer a burial to a cremation. Increasingly, Vodacom family funeral cover is the answer.

People think of funeral cover as exclusively for adult individuals. But death comes for anyone regardless of age. And funeral costs and cover increase every year.

Currently, in South Africa, a basic funeral costs at least R7,000. Vodacom family funeral cover is a wise investment as it helps to cover these exorbitant prices.

Certainly, family funeral cover from this cell phone giant gives you peace of mind. You know that each member of your family will have a decent funeral when their time comes. Significantly, Vodacom Insurance, a licensed provider, offers short and long-term insurance products.

Vodacom is committed to high standards of integrity, ethics and professionalism. And when the time comes to claim, with the right documents, they Vodacom Family Funeral Coverpay out as promised.

Who Does Vodacom Family Funeral Cover?

  • You can cover up to 22 family members. And you can put all 22 can people on one policy.
  • Cover starts from R99 a month.
  • The cover includes you and your spouse.
  • Your children.
  • Both sets of parents – yours and your in-laws.
  • And any family member who is dependent on you.


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Apply for Funeral Cover at Any Vodacom Store

People appreciate funeral cover from Vodacom because it is straightforward and requires no medical examination. So to start with Vodacom, why not SMS the word ‘Cover’ to Vodacom on 30726 to find out more. You can also apply for funeral cover at any Vodacom store. Or call them on 082 13 911. Access their 24-hour funeral assist helpline, which is available at no additional cost. The number is 0861 33 30 33. Note that it’s not many funeral policies that cover up to 22 family members on one policy the way Vodacom does.

With Vodacom, Family Funeral Cover ensures that your family is relieved from the financial burden of funeral costs.

  • Affordable monthly premiums – as low as R99 per month to cover a family of four.
  • South Africans appreciate that Vodacom offers straightforward and affordable funeral cover – up to R75 000.
  • Nobody at Vodacom is going to ask you for medical examinations, blood tests or complicated paperwork.
  • Vodacom will cover your two youngest children at no additional charge.
  • Death protection as a result of an accident.
  • After six months waiting period, Vodacom covers you for death from natural causes too.
  • Services include legal assistance, discount on tombstones and transportation benefit.



When you want to make a claim for your family funeral cover,  call on 082 178 00 or email to A claims consultant will help you through the entire application process. Within 48 hours and with the right documentation, Vodacom will pay out your funeral money. A dignified farewell offers a tremendous sense of relief.

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All info was correct at time of publishing