Standard Bank Funeral Cover – Quick Payout

Standard Bank Funeral Cover Insurance has come up with a funeral plan that pays out fast. In fact, it starts paying out as soon as you sign up.

Instead of receiving benefits when someone dies, you can be benefiting while you are still alive and well.

As we all know, a funeral plan will give you peace of mind secure in the knowledge that you can bury your beloved family manner with dignity.

We can try and avoid death all we like – the reality is that death comes for all of us at some time or another. But there is more to Standard Bank funeral cover than that.

Living Benefits of Standard Bank Funeral Cover include –

Standard Bank Funeral Cover

  • you are part of an affordable doctor and dentist network
  • funeral assist
  • trauma counselling for those families who feel overwhelmed and unable to function
  • optometrist network – by making use of Standard Bank’s network of optometrists, save 10% on the cost of consultations and 10% of frames
  • 24 hour HIV/Aids Helpline available every day of the year


Life is expensive as it is, but death has the last laugh because a funeral in South Africa can rob you of all your savings. We can save ourselves a lot of additional stress by being prepared for the death of a loved one with Standard bank funeral cover.

Death is expensive Too unfortunately

A funeral in South Africa can cost anything between R7 000 and R20 000. With funeral cover, you can make provision for the burial of a loved one in a dignified and calm way. With Standard Bank funeral cover, you can get funeral plans for as little as R39 per month and enjoy a payout of up to R27 000.

A Standard Bank Funeral plan allows you to cover your immediate family as well as extended family. That will include your parents, your in-laws, siblings and even your aunts and uncles. The policy will also cover one spouse and up to 5 children.

Standard Bank Funeral Cover

More Benefits from Standard Bank Funeral Cover

  • you get 20% off your doctor’s consultation fees
  • you get up to R2 000 per month for 12 months grocery benefit for your family
  • and you have access to an emergency ambulance to get you to a hospital
  • each family gets as much as R10 000 for medical expenses from a traumatic experience
  • by using Standard Bank’s network of optometrists, you save 10% on spec frames as well as 10% on the cost of consultations


Anybody who is under the age of 65 can take out a funeral plan with Standard Bank. And with this bank, you don’t need to have a medical examination to get Standard bank funeral plan. They offer different funeral plans that you will be able to afford. Therefore, contrary to what many people think, you don’t need a Standard Bank account to take out Standard Bank Funeral Plan cover.

Applying for Cover

You don’t need to go into a Standard Bank branch to apply for Standard Bank Funeral Insurance. You can call them on 0860 121 151, or you canĀ  SMS the word ‘BENEFIT’ TO 31492. A funeral plan expert will then get back to you.

To get a funeral cover quote, please complete and send the form on this page


All info was correct at time of publishing