Writing a Funeral Programme

You might have the task of creating a funeral programme or booklet for the funeral or memorial service. So you will want it to be professional and in keeping with the person who has passed on.

The funeral house will give you ideas as to what to choose. But you are the one who will have final say over what you want.

When choosing a funeral programme, you will have choices in terms of the information you want to be included. Also, you can choose what colours, fonts and images to add.

The funeral house will give you samples of funeral programmes to help you with some ideas. They will also help you with the choice of paper you prefer for your funeral program.

A Designed Funeral Programme that Reflects Your Feelings

Funeral ProgrammeIf you are artistic and creative, you may well have some of your very own ideas, and of course, this will be more personal. The Internet has plenty of free funeral programme template ideas for you to choose from as well.

Bright, original cards are easy to make and you can elaborate on them once you get the knack of a few basic techniques.

Your funeral program will be a reflection of both you and the person who has died. And it can even become something people will want to keep.

There is no hard and fast rule as to what to include in the writing of a funeral program but there is some information that might be of interest to those attending.


Items of interest to include on the card are –

  • the name of the deceased person
  • their date of birth as well as the date of death
  • where the funeral is being held and the time and date of the funeral
  • the name of the minister officiating at the service as this can often be a family member
  • names of the pall bearers as well as the person who delivered the euology
  • names of people who contributed meaningfully by playing music instruments or who sang a song at the service
  • if you intend having a get together afterwards, include the name of the venue where this is to be held and a map if getting there might be difficult for visitors new to your part of town
  • include words of gratitude to those people who have been pillars of strength for you to lean on during your difficult time


More Funeral Programme Ideas

If the funeral is of a religious nature, then there are other things that you may want to add in such as the deceased person’s favourite Bible reading.

You may want your funeral programme to include a picture or a series of pictures of the deceased person.

Certainly the cover of the funeral program will be representative of the person who died, and you may want to include a photograph on the front cover or even a picture of what they loved. This could be a picture of the sea, the mountains, their pet, their family or something else.

Something for all Tastes

A funeral programme can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, but a cheerful programme based on the deceased person’s life will lend itself well to the occasion of saying farewell to someone you loved.

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