Liberty Comprehensive Funeral Cover

Having Liberty comprehensive funeral cover is the kind of investment that people can truly bank on. Certainly having a good funeral plan in place can lower your stress levels. Also, it can make sure that you and your family have dignified funerals. With affordable monthly premiums, you get comprehensive cover. Liberty offers their customers a range of funeral plans, and each of these promises to allow family members to have a funeral in keeping with their wishes.

Liberty in South Africa is a name synonymous with premier financial products. Importantly, as an authorised financial services provider, they ensure that South Africans never have to struggle with financial burdens. And one of their favourite products is their Comprehensive Funeral Plan. This plan covers you, your spouse, children, both sets of parents as well as extended family.

Liberty Comprehensive Funeral Cover

Liberty Comprehensive Funeral Cover

  • Double accident cover for primary member and spouse.
  • Your can cover your ENTIRE family under ONE policy.
  • The plan provides up to R100 000 cover for you and your spouse.
  • Liberty cover provides up to R50 000 cover for up to 4 parents and eight children.
  • The plan provides up to R 30 000 of insurance for up to 4 extended family members.
  • If you live beyond the age of 65, your cover continues, but you no longer pay premiums.
  • If you die before the age if 65 years, anyone else on the policy will continue until the date that you would have turned 65.
  • Tombstone benefit, which covers the costs of unveiling a stone.
  • Pays out up to R20 000 within 12 months after you die.
  • The education benefit – useful for ensuring the policy holder’s children can continue their schooling.
    – The payout is made to the school, college or university.
    – You can skip a payment once a year, and you won’t lose your cover.
    – On death, what is known as an Additional Expense benefit will be paid each year.
    –  You get five months worth of premiums paid back to you every five years.
  • Liberty will transport the body to the burial place in South Africa.


Extra Benefits

With Liberty comprehensive funeral cover: when you pay a small amount extra each month so you can benefit from Funeral Assist. It offers some useful benefits such as:

  • HIV exposure and trauma helpline.
  • Emergency medical evacuation.
  • Assistance with legal matters such as drawing up a Will.
  • Grocery coupons up to the value of R300.
  • 15% discount on a tombstone from participating funeral parlours.
  • Once-off airtime voucher of R250 – so useful to be able to make all your funeral arrangements.
  • R250 prepaid electricity vouchers for three consecutive months after the funeral.
  • Additional legal benefit up to the value of R50 000 per year.



There’s the quote that says ‘to think too long about doing a thing becomes its undoing’. So don’t wait until one of your family dies unexpectedly. Probably you’ll have to fork out a significant amount of money you never planned. With Liberty comprehensive funeral cover there’ll be no horrible surprises, just real quality goodness all round.

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