Old Mutual Pay When You Can Plan

The Old Mutual Pay When You Can Plan it offers customers very cost-effective cover for funeral expenses.

Pay when you can Plan is readily available from your Shoprite store. The beauty of this plan is that you don’t require a bank account with a debit order. And you don’t even need a salary to purchase and Old Mutual Pay When You Can Plan.

That is because you just pay in cash when you can.

If you don’t register, you won’t have cover; it’s that simple.  To register by cell phone, just SMS your identity number plus your registration PIN number to the number provided. You will get an SMS to let you know if your registration was successful or not.

Old Mutual Pay When You Can Plan – Easy to register and Even easier to Buy

Old Mutual Pay When You Can PlanTheir cover is applicable to the entire family. There are three types of payments that you can make and these include payments from as low as R49.95 where you’ll get R1000 cover for 14 months. For R219.95 for instance, you will get R5000 cover for 14 months.

When you pay the R49.95 for example, your family will receive R1 000. The Old Mutual Pay-when-you-Can Plan is only available to people who are permanent residents of South Africa. The age limits to apply for this Plan is a minimum of 18 up to 65.

When registered for the One Family Funeral Plan, you will have cover as well as your spouse and children up to the age of 21 years. By children, it means your biological children, legally adopted children or step-children.

There is a 2-month waiting period for any non-accident related causes for each registration pack top-up that you purchase. Top-up applies to the level that suits your family needs, the maximum amount being R18 000.

 Old Mutual Pay When You Can Plan is easy to understand

Some valuable information to know about the Old Mutual Pay When You Can Plan –

  • A waiting Period of 2 months after registration and top-up means you will only have cover for accidental death in that period
  • A top-up voucher can give you more cover
  • Accidental death is due to an accident, whilst non-accidental death is due to an illness or death not from an accident
  • A beneficiary is the person that you choose to receive the cover if you pass away
  • A spouse is the person you are married to by law, religion or custom
  • A child will be your natural child, a step-child or a legally adopted child, under 21, and who if they die is single and not married. It can also be a foetus who was in the womb for at least a period of 182 days and which is not born alive.
  • The claimant is the person who is claiming for the cover.
  • Cover end date is the date when your cover ends, which is usually 14 months after the cover start date and the cover start date is the date your cover starts after you have registered or topped up.

It’s important to consider this Affordable Funeral Plan

The Old Mutual Pay When You Can Plan is not only a cost-effective way to get funeral cover, with no bank account being required and no salary, it allows everyone to be buried with some form of dignity.

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* Old Mutual Funeral Plan video on YouTube

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