Momentum Funeral Cover Provider

Momentum funeral cover provider knows it’s natural to feel listless, distraught and depressed at the death of a family member.

Nobody wants to listen to someone telling them that hope and peace come with time.

And nobody likes to think about death, and very few people want to prepare for it.

But by just putting a small sum of money away each month in a Momentum Funeral Cover Provider at least you know you aren’t going to leave your remaining family members battling through a tough time over money they are trying to get together for a funeral for you. Because that is not the legacy, you want to leave behind.

Momentum Funeral Cover Provider Provides for the Whole Family

BMomentum Funeral Cover Providery looking for a reputable funeral cover provider, you can ensure a decent funeral for yourself. With a Momentum Funeral Cover Provider, you can rely on them to offer funeral cover which is holistic – it provides you with cover for ALL the costs incurred with a funeral.

That will include things like tombstones, phone calls, flowers, caterers, groceries, etc. So a Momentum Funeral Cover Provider looks out for you because they reward you for paying your premiums. With Momentum funeral cover, they have taken into account all the requirements of funeral planning.

Look at some of the Benefits you can Enjoy with the Funeral cover that Momentum provides –

  • They cover up to as many as 50 people.
  • Because you will need to phone a lot of people to let them know about the death of your family member, they will give you R250 airtime which they pay on the passing of any insured person.
  • You get a tombstone benefit of R5 000. This amount is paid 12 months after the death of the primary member or a spouse.
  • You get six months of grocery vouchers,  R1 000 per month, after the death of the primary member or a spouse.
  • Cashback of 1 year’s premiums which Momentum pays every five years.
  • Twelve months of premiums waived after the passing of the leading member.
  • Each person insured will enjoy cover for their entire lives.
  • A helpful guide which helps you through all stages which come after the death of your family member.
  • Claim payments settled within 48 hours after the necessary documentation is received.

So who can be covered with Momentum and for how much?

Momentum Funeral Cover

You as the primary member of the Momentum Funeral Cover Provider have cover plus your spouse, children, siblings, grandparents and extended family. Just as an example, if you as the primary member (18 to 75 years of age) pass away, you can get between R5 000 and R100 000 worth of cover.

Of course, if you only want a quote for funeral cover for yourself, then that is no problem. Momentum makes it easy for you to fill in an online funeral cover form and get the coverage that suits you.


A Momentum Funeral Cover Provider is a popular choice for South Africans because it allows people on lower income levels to have access to cheap funeral cover.

It is also popular because it allows you to cover as many as 50 people on one cover. Unlike other plans whose age limit is 65 years, Momentum’s funeral cover goes up to your 75th birthday.

For paying your premiums regularly, after five years, they promise to pay you a year’s premiums. What is stopping you from getting a funeral plan from Momentum? It is value all the way.

Sign up for funeral cover here. Please complete and then submit the form on this page and we will send you a quote

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