A Quick Funeral Cover Quote from Old Mutual Will Return Quick Benefits

A quick funeral cover quote from Old Mutual offers excellent funeral cover, and they want you to have quick access to it.

Remember the old days where you had to set aside time to phone around. You had to listen to lots of boring information and make notes of what you heard. So that you could choose your insurance.

Old Mutual is a modern, up to date company and they ensure that their customers have access to technology. Their customers can get information on Old Mutual and its plans quickly and with no hassles.

An Old Mutual quick funeral Cover quote will give You quick Benefits

Quick Funeral Cover QuoteWith funeral cover from Old Mutual, you’re certainly going to take advantage of one of the lowest quotes around. They created their plans for you alone and your family members.

Getting quick funeral cover quotes from Old Mutual is easy because of their insurance calculator. While it will help you get a quick online quote, remember you are always free to call Old Mutual on 0860 60 6065.  A consultant will provide information on their different funeral plans.

Quick Funeral Cover Quote – It takes No time at All to get Cover

To get a quick funeral cover quote from Old Mutual requires filling in an online form. In a matter of a minute or two, you’ll have the three simple steps completed.

You’ll answer some easy questions such as do you have a South African ID and what is your gender, male or female? They’ll ask one or two other questions such as are you a smoker, your occupation and salary?

The second and third step are a few questions on the cover amount you want and for how many people. Once you have answered all the queries, you can submit the online form and an experienced officer from Old Mutual will get back to you.

Quotes for each Funeral Cover Plan

When Old Mutual sends you a quote for their funeral cover, you’ll see they offer details on each of their funeral plans – Care Plan, Standard Plan and Comprehensive+ Plan. These policies do cost between R30 and R40 a month.

Once you’ve looked at all of the features of each policy, you’ll be able to choose the cover for your unique needs. Take note that by paying just a little bit extra each month, you can join the Standard- and Comprehensive+ plan. Take advantage of lots more benefits than what the Care Plan offers.

The excellent cash back benefit is where you get an amount paid back to you after every 36 premiums paid.

Old Mutual will also inform you about the new benefits you get with the Standard- and Comprehensive Plans. These are the grocery, education, and more Cover Benefits.

They’ll also tell you about More4U which you can benefit from and which is over and above your regular insurance policy benefits. More4U applies to each of the Old Mutual Funeral Plans.

Cover in a Jiffy

With Old Mutual, there’s no waiting around; everything is quick and easy. You need no medical examinations, so you’ll get cover fast.

With the money paid out within 48 hours, your family will have the cash they need to bury you when you die.

To get a FREE funeral cover quote, please complete and send the form on this page

All info was correct at time of publishing