Assupol – Your Family Will Live Comfortably When You Pass Away

Assupol knows that if you have to make funeral arrangements for a family member who has passed away, you are going to have to make ends meet.

If you have never taken out a funeral plan, the coffin, hearse, music, venue, flowers, notifications and catering expenses will put you back financially.

There are many affordable funeral plan options there are available in South Africa. So there really is no excuse not to have a funeral plan in place.

Assupol – No More Fears for the Unknown Future

AssupolA funeral plan from Assupol can certainly help you ride this period of your life in a smooth, organised and dignified manner.

Assupol started in 1913 as a burial society for members of the police and government employees. Today, however, they cater to all members of the public from all income groups.

Some of the other Features and Benefits of Assupol funeral plans –

  • Assupol Life is an authorised financial services provider.
  • They offer life, savings, retirement and funeral products.
  • For R70 a month you are guaranteed a dignified burial for you and your loved ones.

Their Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan offers more than just funeral benefits. Also, there is no underwriting and no medical questions, just easy acceptance. It is a plan for single people as well as for families. Whether single or for a family with as many as 5 children, the maximum cover for this plan is R50 000.

Excellence Family Funeral Plan pays out claims within 48 hours. The beauty of this plan is that cover for children lasts for their entire life and not just till they turn 21. Another huge draw card with this funeral plan is that there is guaranteed insurance for your family. And that’s without them having to pay any premiums for 5 years after the policy holder’s death.

Assupol – More than just Funeral Benefits

Assupol Absolute Advantage is a plan which covers accidental death instantly. With a natural death, there will be a waiting period of 6 months. Of course, if you want additional options, you can pay an increased premium to get even more coverage.

You can add in extra family members. You can even have what is known as Family Income Benefit where the family gets income for up to 6 months after death.

There is their Premium Waiver Benefit which is useful because it gives your family insurance after the death of the policyholder and they don’t have to pay premiums for that.

The cash back system, called the Guaranteed Cash Back. With this plan, you will get cash back every 4 years even if you claim.

HIV/Aids is rampant in South Africa, and with the Assupol funeral plan, they offer their members additional help-services. They have a qualified nursing sister who is available telephonically to offer assistance and advice.

On top of that, they also offer ambulance transport facilities where a medical emergency exists. One or two other benefits of Assupol on Call assistance are –

  • Children’s assistance with tutoring
  • Trauma counselling
  • Discounts available for when the policy holder passes away



With Assupol Funeral Plans, you are sure that your family can at least live comfortably in the event of the policyholder passing away.

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