Save on Funeral Cover This Way

A funeral is an extremely expensive event however there is a way to save on funeral cover.

Especially if the death of a loved one is unexpected and you are suddenly confronted with the financial shock of having to pay for the funeral.

Some people have heard of funeral cover, many haven’t. Even if they have, it’s not something they want to give much thought to.

There are untold expenses to pay for at a funeral which could ruin your family financially. You can save so much by having funeral cover.

Save on funeral cover, but what is Funeral Cover in the First place?

Save on funeral coverFuneral cover is an insurance that you take out for yourself and other members of your family.

It means that when there is a death, you will be paid out an arranged lump-sum benefit to pay for the funeral.

The lump-sum is paid out within 48 hours of claiming. There will often be practical benefits attached to the policy, such as a grocery allowance, educational benefits, etc.

Other benefits are, Funeral cover is provided by both funeral directors and insurance companies. Funeral cover can be paid for with a lump-sum pre-payment, or by monthly premiums and funeral cover can be chosen with a benefit of between R5 000 and R60 000.

Funeral Costs can mount up At an Alarming Rate

A funeral in South Africa can cost anything from 7 to R50,000 all frills included. Some of the individual items that you will need are –

  • Transport of the body.
  • Coffin, casket, decorative urn
  • Chapel, organist, minister, pamphlets
  • Hearse, cremation fees, burial equipment
  • Death notices in the newspaper, catering for the reception afterwards, chairs, tables, and tents.

If you take out funeral cover, you spread these exorbitant costs, by paying affordable monthly premiums on your chosen benefit.

How can you Save on Funeral Cover

  • Paying monthly premiums spreads the cost, as funerals are expensive.
  • For the best saving, go with the lump sum pre-payment. This will give you interest on the down payment, which could be as high as 26% of the total sum.
  • By the time the funeral cover is needed, the prices could have doubled, but you will still be covered for those extra costs.
  • One of the benefits is that these plans are guaranteed to cover the costs of the agreed-on arrangement, even though the prices may have increased dramatically over the years.
  • You can open a special savings account to pay for your funeral one day, but with the low-interest rates, it is wise to plan ahead and rather take out funeral cover.
  • By pre-planning everything beforehand, and paying it off, it avoids the usual overspending linked to your emotional distress after the death of a loved one.

Avoid the Pitfalls and still, save this Way

Study the various plans closely. Decide on the one you feel best covers the needs of you and your family. Some entice you with all sorts of wonderful sounding benefits.

Think about whether you really need those particular things. Simplicity is often best. Make sure your funeral provider is registered with the local funeral planning authority and have their various products sanctioned too.

Two big Advantages of Funeral Cover

  • Pre-planning a funeral, and paying by lump sum, or monthly premiums, allows you to personalise the funeral, and without emotion, be able to consider the options objectively.
  • It allows the funeral to be planned with all the detail sorted out beforehand. If it is left to the emotional and stressful time straight after the death of your loved one, you could be guilty of emotional overspending.


Save on funeral cover. Funeral Cover is a necessity. Not only for peace of mind for the family but because it eliminates the stress over money. By pre-planning the funeral and paying up front, everyone wins.

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