Extended Family Funeral Plan from Zororo

With a standard family Funeral plan you are covered for yourself, your spouse or partner and your children.

If you have other family members who you want to cover then an extended family funeral plan is the answer. It is important to carry funeral cover, even as a young person, because death has no respect for age.

In South Africa and other African countries such as Zimbabwe, the massive populations have meant very few people have a job. This means that many family members rely on each other for food and other assistance.

One of these is a funeral cover. Without an income, people are worried about their funeral. It is only with an extended family funeral plan that many can now have peace that they will be laid to rest in a decent way.

The extended Family Funeral Plan will leave No-One Out

Family funeral planIf you have dependents and are the primary provider, you’ll be pleased to know that there are funeral cover providers who cover all your extended family, the people who depend on you and your income for everything in life. Zororo also offers this extended family funeral plan, and members receive a membership card when they join Zororo.

A family funeral policy from Zororo will cover the losses when any of your extended family members die in South Africa or in Zimbabwe and the Moonlight Extended Family Funeral Plan is truly affordable.

Choose from their Delux Bronze Plan for R35 a month, their Delux Silver Plan from R55 a month and their Delux Gold Plan from R85 a month.

So who can be Covered with the Extended family funeral Plan?

  • You and your spouse
  • ALL your children – natural and adopted
  • Both sets of parents – your own and your in-laws
  • Aunts, uncles, and cousins


With the Zororo extended family funeral plan, you get a host of value-added benefits too such as free repatriation services to and from different African countries.

The waiting periods for funeral cover from Zororo are shorter than with other policies. There is a 3 month waiting period for natural death and immediate cover for accidental death.

With this funeral plan, you are able to cover your extended family still living in Zimbabwe while you are living in South Africa.

Look what Else is Offered

  • You can get extended family funeral cover conveniently and easily online
  • You can make payments by debit order or at Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, Usave or Boxers stores.
  • Cover your extended family in Zimbabwe while in South Africa from R45.00 per person per month
  • There are no medical examinations for you or your extended family members to join this plan

Going Home

Zororo is a great funeral plan for you and your extended family members because it comes with great benefits.

Some 400 Zimbabweans die each month in South Africa, and if you are a Zimbabwean staying in South Africa, you’ll want a reliable funeral cover that works between the two countries.

With a funeral plan from Zororo, you and your loved ones will be transported back home.

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