Ombudsman More Responsive to Funeral Cover Complaints

Funeral cover complaints are rising in South Africa. Significantly, both long and short term insurance have disputes involving claims rejection.

The Ombudsman gets so many complaints that he breaks them into sub-categories. These include full cases, out of scope cases and mini cases, and he deals with each one in a different way.

However, there are alarming statistics and a massive volume of complaints relating to funeral policies that the Ombudsman is investigating.

Funeral Cover Complaints and Some of the More Common Causes of Dissatisfaction 

Ombudsman Complaints

  • People object to huge premium increases out of the blue. And some complainants say there are cases with increases of 100%.
  • The underwriter policy changes, which happens all too frequently. All these changes do is create uncertainty and confusion with policyholders
  • Many complainants say that the premiums they pay add up to more than the sum assured

However, many people don’t understand their policies.  People need to understand their policies to avoid disappointment at claims stage.

Funeral cover Complaints and Unfulfilled Promises

Just recently during 2015, the public got more than R527 666 in compensation for poor service. Remember, the Ombudsman is aware of the misunderstandings between insurance company providers and those who buy policies from them.

They know too well that when funeral cover consultants contact people, and they make a host of flattering promises. But they know full well that they have no intention of fulfilling these obligations.

The Ombudsman understands that the insurance industry has many shady, unethical operators and funeral directors. So everyone who is buying a burial policy simply has to check carefully everything the policy says.

  • What the payout will be
  • What documents are required to activate the payout
  • The time frame for the policy to be paid out

The Ombudsman is Fair and Unbiased and There to Help you

The Ombudsman is an independent body resolving disputes between customers and insurance companies. They have no links with any of the insurance companies and deal with every case before them. They know that the clients do not have proper protection. And they know customers must get fair treatment.

Customer abuse is a problem. The Ombudsman has become more responsive to funeral cover complaints. Fortunately, regulatory action is now stronger to protect customers more. And there are more laws to protect consumers.

The Ombudsman’s office offers a free service for tackling complaints. The body complies with several principles set by the International Network of Financial Services Ombudsman Schemes Network.

Funeral Cover Complaints – What will Be Will Be 

Has your insurance company rejected your claim unfairly? If you are unhappy and dissatisfied with the services you receive from your funeral cover provider, then the Ombudsman is there to offer assistance.

If you can’t sort out the problem yourself, the Ombudsman might. Let him take the matter up with your insurance company. Then he will come back to you with the outcome.

With all their skills and authority, they deal fairly with each case. However, you’ll have to accept the result, whatever that may be.

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All info was correct at time of publishing