How to Pre-Plan a Funeral Successfully

How to pre-plan a funeral might not be on your mind right now.

It’s understandable as most people are not keen on talking about death, never mind thinking of planning their own funeral.

And yet, for many reasons, this could be a wise and responsible thing to do.

By pre-funding your funeral arrangements now, you lock in the prices, sparing your family the added cost of inflation when the time for the funeral arrives.

How to pre-plan a Funeral and Why should I Pre-plan my funeral?

How to pre-plan a funeralCertainly, it will give your family peace of mind, knowing that they will be spared this emotionally challenging chore when you die.

They won’t have to battle with the decision of whether to have a celebratory funeral or a more sombre, traditional funeral. You can rest in peace knowing that your final wishes concerning the funeral is carried out, and be buried accordingly .

Other good reasons to pre-plan include –

  • It will save the family trying to raise money to be paid for the funeral, causing more anxiety and stress if they have to borrow from others.
  • You will be able to lock in today’s funeral prices, for the day when you die.
  • It will ease the burden, and any disagreements, in the family, as they plan and wonder how to give you the send-off they feel you deserve.
  • You will want to be self-reliant.
  • You will be pleased to be able to take the financial responsibility of your own funeral.
  • The family will be able to have a meaningful funeral. This is an important part of the healing process as they will now be able to grieve properly, without worrying.

How to pre-plan a funeral Gives you the Opportunity to have the Funeral you want

First of all you need to sit and think about your death and funeral, and meditate on the things that have been important to you.

  • What type of funeral do you want?
  • Do you want a burial or a cremation?
  • How would you like the tone and atmosphere of your funeral to come across?
  • Reflect on your hobbies, interests, and personality, and how you would like these things displayed.
  • Record your thoughts and wishes on paper, or even electronically.
  • Update it as you think of other things you might like to do or said at your funeral.
  • Share with your loved ones.
  • Keep a copy of these wishes in a safe place. It must however be easily accessible.
  • Information at least one family member of your funeral plan, and make sure your funeral provider has a copy as well.
  • Support your plan with the necessary funding.
  • Pay for all the products chosen for your funeral, at a funeral provider of your choice.
  • Paying for the funeral today, will guarantee the price until your time of death.
  • To avoid paying interest, pay off this amount within 12 months.

Important Points to consider when Working out how to pre-plan a funeral

  • Where would you like the funeral to be held?
  • Who should officiate at the funeral?
  • Do you want a traditional service, or do you want it to be something entirely different?
  • Will there be a eulogy, and who would you like to deliver it?
  • Do you want a closed casket, or an open one to allow for viewing?
  • What music do you want played?
  • What readings, if any, would you like?
  • What decor will you choose? Will it depict a hobby, or your favourite colour?
  • Do you want a headstone? Do you want to be embalmed? Do simple, affordable ‘green’ funerals appeal to you?
  • Do you want to have refreshments served afterwards, or do you want a party?


Funeral homes, funeral service companies, and cemeteries can all help you pre-plan your funeral. Do it for the sake of your family left behind.

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