Planning a Low Cost Simple Funeral

Many people don’t like insurance. They look upon it as a necessary evil. Such people pay as little as they can just to avoid paying premiums. And then they find, to their horror, that planning a low cost simple funeral is virtually impossible without funeral cover.

However, keep heart. With some research, you’ll find that there are a host of ways available to you to slash your funeral insurance premiums so you can have a low cost simple funeral but still score with loads of benefits.

It’s nothing new to discover that funeral costs are massively high. Dying is an expensive business. If living family members don’t invest in a funeral plan, other family members frown on them at the time of their death. And they are regarded as those who couldn’t give a hoot about their Low Cost Simple Funeralfamily members left behind when they strive to plan a simple, low-cost funeral, but can’t. These family members now have to find the money to arrange a funeral.

If people only knew how affordable a burial can be, they wouldn’t baulk at the idea of making provision for their funeral.

The Power of Positive Planning to Have a Low Cost Simple Funeral

There’s the quote that says ‘don’t  find fault. Find a remedy’. When you plan a low cost simple funeral carefully, there is a host of things you can do to make your funeral simple and appealing.

Did you know, just for starters, that you don’t need to rope in the services of a funeral director? Yes, there is no law demands that you use a funeral director. You may want to use one, however, just to get all that complex, but necessary ‘death’ paperwork out of the way. Before burial or cremation, the doctor must issue a certificate stating the cause of mortality.

Tips for a Low Cost Simple Funeral

Let’s look at other ways you can use to guarantee you don’t have to fork up on unnecessary funeral expenditure –

  • Anyone can transport the deceased, although the law requires you to keep the body from public view.
  • Did you know too that it is also possible to conduct the service yourself if it isn’t a religious service? You can use anyone in the family who is good at talking to act as Master of Ceremonies.
  • The law does not require embalming either. The process is expensive and invasive, and makes use of toxic chemicals. Embalming is not necessary at all and you can save yourself a lot of money by avoiding it.
  • What’s the point of a huge, sophisticated coffin? Note that trendy, effective cardboard coffins are big business today. And in the UK some are available for as little as £60. They’re strong, environmentally friendly and very attractive, and available in loads of colours and designs. Just a bit of research will reveal that there are design facilities which will give your coffin a personal look you want.
  • Change self-defeating habits. So don’t just put on an expensive funeral to impress your friends. If you’re looking to save money, a direct cremation offers a truly affordable alternative to traditional burials. With direct cremations, you can eliminate a host of products and services that make the traditional burial so exorbitantly expensive. Just think – no expensive coffin, no funeral chapel or church fees, no burial plot, no flowers, no tombstone – just affordability all the way. Low, low prices aren’t the only advantage – a direct cremation has speed on its side with no stressful drawn out funeral procedures. You will also always have the ashes of your loved one with you.


Money-saving Funerals that Suit you Best

These are just a few tested, proven and simple ways to get your funeral plans on an affordable track. In the final analysis, what is going to decide on the funeral you have shouldn’t be to impress and please friends. So rather it should be how to ensure that value and appropriateness usher your loved one or yourself into the life hereafter.

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