A Funeral Venue in Johannesburg that has Transformed Cemeteries

A Funeral venue in Johannesburg today is far more welcoming than they once were.

Instead of formal lawns with evenly spaced granite stones throughout, today’s cemeteries are places to visit after the funeral.

There are beautiful, peaceful cemeteries with beautiful walkways, park benches and gardens.

Others are typically old and creepy, but they also attract many tourists because of their unusual appeal.

There are always considerations to think about when choosing a cemetery for yourself or a loved one. These days nature is a major factor. As the world becomes more populated and chaotic, people are turning to nature for peace and relaxation.

A Funeral venue in Johannesburg has transformed the Landscape

Funeral venue in JohannesburgModern cemeteries are taking advantage of nature and have manicured lawns but also wild areas which attract birds. These cemeteries have green areas where the burial site is biodegradable. The dead return naturally to the earth: ‘from dust you came and to dust you shall return’.

Selecting the final resting place for your loved one is an important decision. The Fourways Memorial Park in Fourways, Johannesburg serves the entire Gauteng region.
It is a peaceful and idyllic place for burial.

This memorial park was once a flower farm all those decades ago. The farm continued until 1997 when the van der Merwe family decided to develop the farm into an exclusive private memorial park.

Their vision was to make the memorial park into something attractive, something which people want to visit. The Fourways Memorial Park is alluring, a safe and appealing place for friends and family of the deceased to go.

The grounds of this well-maintained funeral venue in Johannesburg are tranquil. And safety is a watchword. The memorial park has a high perimeter wall with electric fencing. So night guards, surveillance and armed response are all in place.

Look at What else this Funeral venue in Johannesburg offers

  • Ideas from American Funeral Homes and Australian Memorial Gardens
  • Chapel for hire – a thatched stone building with a piano and organ available. Bookings for the chapel and other services can be made through a funeral director or at the administration office.
  • The memorial park caters for burials and cremations
  • Flower shop
  • Lapa hire
  • rose garden
  • Pet and child section
  • Family estate, unlike municipal cemeteries, the park allows you to secure a burial site for you and your family, providing you with peace of mind of where you will all be laid to rest together


The Fourways Memorial Park is for those who want end-of-life quality. Significantly, it is open and busy through every season of the year. And visitors have easy access to the area they want to visit.

What makes the garden so unique is that the moment you enter, you’ll sense the rewards of making a wise choice. Thus the Fourways Memorial Park has earned an excellent reputation for service to people from all walks of life.

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