African Bank Funeral Cover for the Family

African Bank funeral want to tell you how important funeral cover is.

Possibly you have seen the struggles people have gone through trying to finance a funeral and burial service.

With an African Bank funeral policy, you will have a lighter load to bear. And if you choose the right package, you might not have to go into your pocket after losing a loved one.

South Africans can choose from many funeral insurance providers. One of these is African Bank funeral cover. It started as a small commercial bank. In 1998 Theta Investments Group took over the bank and diversified its portfolio.

African Bank Funeral Plans Have Plans for You

African Bank Funeral PlanKeeping to its objective of offering South Africans affordable financial services, African Bank funeral division came up with a collection of affordable insurance products.

These African Bank funeral products are contained in four categories: credit life, funeral cover, crime injury and personal accident cover. And they are offered in conjunction with the Standard General Insurance company, or Stangen.

Their African Bank funeral comes under the name Claim Express Funeral Plan. The reason for this is the claim that they will pay out all approved claims within 24 hours. Significantly, if that doesn’t happen, the policyholder will be eligible to receive double the payout you were to receive.

There are Many other Benefits From African Bank policies

This is just one of many desirable features the African Bank funeral policy has. Another is that other competing policies may require you to go for medical examinations before qualifying you for the cover, However, that is not the case with the Claim Express Funeral Plan.

Not a subscriber to this policy yet? Well, there’s great news for you. Because if you sign up between now and the end of March, you will stand a chance of having one year’s worth of premiums given back to you in cash.

Flexible African Bank Funeral Policies

African Bank Funeral PlanAnother of African Bank funeral plan’s advantages is how flexible it is. So depending on your level of income you can subscribe to a plan with benefits between R10,000 and R30,000.

By topping up a bit on your premiums, you can also extend your cover to include beneficiaries above the age of 22. If you’re single, you can then get cover for as little as R35 per month. That will get you a payout of R10,000 in the case of death.

If you would like to increase this payout to R30,000 all you need to do is hike your premiums to R75. And for those who want to include their spouse in the cover, they will have to pay a premium of between 55 and 135 Rand. Remember, you can insure a family of up to eight children starting from R69 per month.


If you would like to cover a member of your extended family so that you get a payout of R30,000 in the event of death, you will need to contribute an additional R55 to your policy. And should they be younger than 22 you will need to add just R15.

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All info was correct at time of publishing