What Are the Advantages of Planning Your Funeral

Have you ever wondered about the advantages of planning your funeral? The activity is not as strange as it first sounds.

There are many benefits to be had in planning your funeral, and one of them is cost.

Also, you can personalise it in such a way as to reflect what you stood for and what you believe.

Before you decide if it’s right for you, get to know more about the thought process that’s involved.

By Planning Your Funeral, You Can Let your Family Know what You Want

Planning your funeralA funeral is, in a sense, a personal statement – but you will be making that statement when you’re dead! By planning your funeral while alive gives you tremendous control over the content.

By creating a blueprint of the event, you remove all the difficult decisions your family would have to make on your behalf in this trying time. When family members are in mourning at their loss, it’s not easy to be level-headed

Because we all come from different backgrounds, not everyone wants the same sort of funeral. Personal likes, cost, religious beliefs and culture determine the funeral service.

When planning your funeral, you will obviously take these factors into consideration. Do you want an elaborate celebration of your life, this would suit people who were larger than life, or do you want a simple moving ceremony?

Should it be public, religious, riotous or private and where will it be held? A stadium, a forest or on a beach? Will your body be present at the service and if so will the coffin be open or closed?

When Planning Your Funeral, There Are Three Types Of Funeral Services Available That You can Base Your Plan On

A Traditional Funeral

The first step usually involves viewing the deceased in an open casket and a formal funeral service. Transporting the body to the service and cemetery will be by a hearse.

Funeral services are expensive as they usually include embalming, rental of the funeral home, transport for the body, (and if needed a separate vehicle for the family), the plot, headstone, etc.

Direct Burial If You Have No Need For an Elaborate Send Off

The deceased will be buried soon after death in a cardboard coffin; there will be no viewing, no embalming and a simple memorial service at the graveside. A cardboard coffin is probably the cheapest way to go.


Also a much more economical method than traditional. An urn replaces a casket; there is no viewing or plot to be dug or headstone to be provided, no embalming or hearse rental. Remember to include necessary funeral home fees and crematorium costs.

Planning your funeral Relieves Your Family from Difficult Decisions 

Lifting the burden from your family should be your goal, planning ahead also makes others realise that we don’t live forever so rather accept the inevitable and face it positively.

Drawing up a plan with the whole family brings them closer as a family unit, and on the day they will feel comfortable knowing that your wishes are respected.

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