Now You Can Get a Funeral Policy at an ATM

These days you don’t have to allow anyone to tell you how to plan a funeral. If you allow a funeral director to tell you what to do, you could end up paying a fortune for the funeral you don’t want. Waiting for a death to happen isn’t the time to start planning a funeral. You’re emotional and don’t have a clear mind. So go down to an ATM and buy some funeral cover.

These days getting a funeral policy has become so effortless that no-one has an excuse not to buy an affordable funeral plan. As in all areas of life, the key to having a smooth, meaningful funeral is to plan ahead so that it runs smoothly.These days, when you go to the ATM to draw money, you can even buy a burial policy there. Did you know that?

ATM – A Multi-Service Device

FNB Life has announced that consumers can purchase a burial plan from any FNB ATM or Slimline machine in South Africa.

Lee Bromfield, the insurance distributor, said these ATMs are multi-service devices. These machines are already allowing people to access a host of services. So it makes sense for them to now access funeral cover as well. People, particularly those in rural areas, make use of ATMs, relying on them when a bank is unavailable.

FNB and Other Banks Offer this Service

Funeral Policy from an ATM

These ATMs now provide consumers in these areas as well as in the cities to use them for getting funeral plans from a reputable and reliable provider. There is no complicated transaction process either and consumers can get a funeral plan in a minute or two. Lee Bromfield said that with the economic conditions where cost is a major factor, users appreciated these cost-effective channels to get the services they need.

FNB ATM Funeral Plans

  • Cover from the FNB ATM will be anything from R10 000 to a maximum value of R60 000 for the primary member.
  • These ATMs empower customers to invest in funeral plans whenever and wherever they want.
  • Other South African Banks such as ABSA also offer funeral cover at their ATMs. ABSA is one of South Africa’s leading banks which offer affordable funeral cover for different earning capacities.
    – Some of their funeral plans start from just R45 a month.
    – The bank offers prepaid funeral cover which is a short term funeral plan. You pay the premium up front. The cover is right for you if you want to cover yourself and your family and you are younger than 60 years of age when you join. You can purchase this Prepaid funeral cover from an ABSA ATM. You’ll receive an SMS confirming your policy and within three days ABSA will contact you to confirm your details.
    – If you are already a card holder of ABSA, you can just buy your insurance at the ATM and have your funeral cover premiums deducted from your account each month.
  • Capitec also makes provision for you to buy funeral cover at an ATM.
    – Capitec is now the 5th largest bank in South Africa.
    – they offer fantastic funeral cover which covers at least eight family members.
    – The funeral cover is in the region of R30 a month. You can get quotes online at one of their branches or one of their ATMs.Funeral policies are cheap and easy to buy. So there will never be an excuse for allowing your family members to pay for your funeral costs.


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All info was correct at time of publishing