With a funeral plan, people know they can count on benefits after death, but what about during life? How will you pay for your children’s education? And what if an accident disables you or some dread disease and you lose your income? What if a loved one dies in a country other than their countries of origin, South Africa? What about the repatriation of bodies to neighbouring countries?

These sort of questions can’t wait for the hereafter; people need answers now. Doves can respond to these issues for you. It’s bad enough when someone we love dies at home. But it can be doubly stressful when the person dies in another country.

You Need Help with Repatriation of Bodies

Without return services where the bereaved family gets assistance to bring the body back home, families would have untold stress. Whether it is by road or air, the service returns the mortal remains of the deceased to a funeral home closest to their place of residence in South Africa. The repatriation service also includes the handling of ashes to where they need to be after the cremation is over.

Repatriation of Bodies

We are are all aware of xenophobic attacks on foreigners living in South Africa, but there are many South African migrants working in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique and other African countries who suffer the same fate. Funeral homes have branches throughout Southern Africa, and they collaborate to arrange transportation of bodies from and between these African countries.

Doves are the one funeral home that offers this service too, repatriating by road or air to neighbouring countries such as Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique. They work tirelessly to get all the legal documentation such as certificates and permits sorted out. They make sure that their customers can rely on the safe delivery of the mortal remains of their loved one.

You can Trust Doves for Repatriation of Bodies

Doves Group started up in 1883 as a funeral directing the organisation. They have a national network of some 160 branches in all nine provinces. They are an authorised financial services provider and are one of the biggest funeral directing companies in Southern Africa.

Doves were the founding member of the NFDA, which stands for National Funeral Directors Association. They are also a member of other associations such as the Funeral Federation of South Africa, among others.

Once you entrust your loved one with Doves, they handle everything with respect and professionalism. Apart from their repatriation services, Doves will also arrange the funeral event of your loved one. What people appreciate about Doves is that they understand that it is only after the funeral that the family feel the full impact of the loss. They offer the names of organisations who will provide support.

Doves Repatriation Services

  • Doves provide a comprehensive repatriation service, whether an incoming or outgoing return to African countries and any part of the world.
  • These experts have years of repatriation and funeral arrangement experience.
  • They even have translators of all languages.
  • Doves have specialists experienced with International customs, permits and documentation.
  • They offer advice on all return documentation as well as coffin requirements for different airlines.
  • Doves know too well that regulations differ among countries, and they are up to date with the specific demands of each destination.
  • They have a range of cremated remains urns suitable for different kinds of transit.
  • The funeral company offers embalming services and official certification appropriate for all destinations


Doves…What a Relief When It Comes to Repatriation of Bodies

You can trust Doves to help adequately with the repatriation of bodies from Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho and Mozambique as well as further afield. What a relief it can be to allow this leading funeral services provider to take away all stress and strain from you with getting the body of a loved one back to where it can be laid to rest.

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