B3 Group Funerals Serve SADC Region and Swaziland

B3 Group funerals, or the Batho Batsho Bakopane Group, are an award-winning authorised financial services provider.

They started doing business in 1991 when they first entered the funeral undertaking business.

Today, B3 Group Funerals is a well-known brand, known for its spirit of Ubuntu and its reliable funeral services.

They understand that with death, people are in an emotional state and haven’t got the clarity of mind to plan a funeral. Therefore they treat people with respect and compassion.

B3 Group Funerals – Loads of Funeral Experience in Action

B3 Group FuneralsAs a funeral services and assurance provider, B3 exceeds their customer’s expectations.

They are a reputable Swazi brand based in Mbabane Swaziland. Significantly, they are a Company managed by qualified ex-Life Assurance managers and combined; their experience equals half a century.

Here are just some of the areas where you can see B3 Group Funerals design experience in action:

  • Design of individual funeral packages schemes
  • Creating medical schemes
  • Design of unit trust and gratuity contributions for contract employees
  • Group formations, meaning funeral package plan designs
  • Corporate funeral package plan design
  • Designing business group life schemes

B3 Group Funerals Solutions to Life’s Unavoidable Eventualities

B3’s business provides clients with solutions to life’s inevitable contingencies. So the company designs innovative products packed with value added benefits tailored to their target markets.

Their B3 Insurance Brokers offer a range of funeral plans, and uncovered clients also take advantage of just by paying a  fee to bury them with dignity.

They have a team of funeral consultants who help their customers towards a dignified and organised funeral. So they work around the clock, night and day to take your call.

The B3 company is known as a reliable and trusted brand for quality funeral insurance. For instance, they make an initial appointment with their customers, meeting at one of their 13 parlours found in the Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and other provinces.

What people appreciate about B3 is that they understand the needs of individuals during a traumatic time, and they offer services over and above funeral services such as a pre-funeral fund, catering and a grocery fund.

There’s a Funeral Plan to suit Your Pocket

You can take your pick from different funeral plans to suit your pocket, namely Platinum, Diamond, Gold and Silver.

Premiums differ for each programme and depend on other aspects such as your age. For instance, the primary member must be between the ages of 19 and 65 years of age; children up to the age of 21or 25 and parent cover is up to the age of 75.

Plenty of Benefits on Offer for You with B3

With the Platinum plan, for instance, you get accidental death cover after paying your first premium. With this plan you also get a repatriation service included. As with any other funeral cover, premiums must be up to date to benefit from the services of B3, and to ensure this you can arrange a debit order with them.

With a funeral plan from the B3 group, members will enjoy other useful services –

  • Removing and storing the body
  • A hearse as well as two family cars
  • Coffin or Casket as a choice for burial
  • Tents as well as a catering service, including juice and water
  • Memorial stones
  • Announcement of death on Swazi TV
  • Printing of funeral  programmes
  • Red carpet decoration and
  • Screen


There are many other additions that you can add in with a small adjustment to your funeral plan –

  • Chairs and tables
  • Fresh flowers
  • PA system and many others


B3 has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance and funeral service industry, and they offer their services to the SADC region in Southern Africa.

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