Fast Funeral Plan Quote from Metropolitan

There are many advantages to planning your funeral. The biggest one comes from knowing what you’re getting. And it starts with getting a fast funeral plan quote online. Then you leave no difficult decisions left for your family to battle.

A funeral service can be costly, so when you shop around and compare, you can ensure an affordable funeral. One of the advantages of pre-planning a funeral is that you can make arrangements so that your family doesn’t have the burden of your funeral costs.

Fast Funeral Plan Quote – Over 100 Years of Value

Metropolitan is one of South Africa’s biggest financial services companies because since 1897 they have delivered on their promises to provide their customers with affordable and appropriate cover. They have a financial solution to meet every need, of which their funeral cover is one. This funeral cover takes care of individuals, couples and families.

Fast Funeral Plan Quote


  • Member Only Funeral Plan

funeral protection up to R50,000
you need to be under 60 years of age to qualify for this plan

● Family Funeral Plan

– funeral protection at affordable rates – you need to be younger than 60 to apply for this plan
–  can be as much as R50,000
– you can cover yourself, your partner and your children up to the age of 21

● Extended Family Funeral Plan

this plan provides funeral benefits for your extended family members – aunts, uncles, etc. – up to R30,000.

● Member and Children Funeral Plan

– funeral protection up to R50,000 for you and your minor children who are below the ages of 21 and who are unmarried
– students can be covered up to the age of 25 years of age
– for mental- or physically challenged children, there is no age limit
– you need to be younger than 60 to apply for this plan

● Member and Life Partner Plan

funeral protection up to R50,000 for you and your life partner
– you need to younger than 60 to qualify for this plan

● Parent Funeral Plan

– funeral benefits covering your parents and parents-in-law
– the cover is up to R30,000
– age of parents determines premiums  – parents and parent-in-law must be younger than 85 years to join

With Metropolitan, you don’t only get funeral cover, but other benefits too, and at no extra cost. One of these is the very useful Automatic Inflation Management (AIM) benefit. This feature is important, as it ensures your funeral payout is in keeping with current funeral prices in the future when you die. This aspect is the critical insurance, because, without it, you would find your funeral cover hopelessly inadequate. According to your budget, you can choose to go with 6 or 10%.

Automatic Benefits Include

  • Cashback benefit
  • Paid-up benefit
  • Family assistance benefit
  • Accidental death benefit


Fast Funeral Plan Quote – More Benefits

Optional policy benefits include the shopping-, tombstone-, iNkomo- and survival benefit.

With any shopping you do, you should always go for good brands and prices, and so it is with funeral cover. Ensure the reputation of the funeral cover provider. You want to be sure that when the time comes, your funeral insurance provider will be able to pay out your claim. When you do research on funeral plans, go with a trusted name to avoid mistrust. Look at Metropolitan’s record and years in the industry – it speaks for itself.

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