Funeral Cover from Differentlife

Funeral cover from Differentlife ensures affordable and dignified funerals.

Most funerals are fancy affairs because people believe you are poor if you give the deceased a small funeral.

Many people get into debt by overspending on an expensive funeral just to impress their friends and relatives.

Funeral insurance is significant in Africa, and some funerals cost between R20 000 and R50 000. Furthermore, some funeral directors don’t have a regulated price structure and so they take advantage of customers who are sad and not thinking clearly.

Funeral Cover from Differentlife – Without a Funeral Plan, You Can’t Plan

Funeral cover from DifferentlifePeople often slaughter cows to feed the hundreds of people who attend the funeral. Consequently, without a funeral plan in place, you couldn’t hope to pay for it all.

Differentlife makes sure their customers can reach them 24/7. They take full advantage of all that technology offers. Get  a funeral cover quote from Differentlife with a couple of clicks, then sign the contract.

Differentlife is a registered financial service, and Old Mutual underwrites their policies. When you buy your funeral plan from Differentlife, you buy from a trusted, reputable name.

Funeral Cover from Differentlife  – Different Options

Purchase a policy and complete the entire process online. Or, if you prefer, you can use Live Chat where you can talk to consultants. They will sort out your queries fast.

The reason they are called Differentlife is that they do things differently. They offer hope for your family and someone less fortunate.

Your first payment and the first one each year is called a Different Donation, which means that you choose a charitable cause. Then Differentlife pays the premium to them.

Differentlife policies are straightforward and easy to understand. If you refer someone to Differentlife who buys a policy, another month’s premium goes to a charity of your choice.

Policyholders give to a worthy cause via and therefore make a change in someone else’s life.

You can read and change your policies online at any time. Differentlife has helpful, friendly people who are there to assist you anytime with LiveChat.

Kill two Birds with One Stone

Also, a plan for the future gives you peace of mind. And a Differentlife funeral policy helps you in more ways than one. Therefore, you can rest in the knowledge that you have a funeral plan.

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