Eight Funeral Planning Tips to Keep you Focused and Positive

Planning a funeral when a loved one has just passed away is very traumatic experience, that’s why we provide these eight useful planning tips to get you through this stressful time.

When you are experiencing grief, confusion, and sometimes anger, the last thing you feel equipped to do is plan a funeral.

These hints and planning tips will not only bring some meaning and purpose to your life, but will guide you through the potential pitfalls of planning a funeral and go a long way in helping you and your family to cope and focus on the future.

Planning tipsEight funeral Planning tips

1. Avoid Emotional Overspending – Don’t get caught up emotional overspending. Sometimes the most memorable funerals are the simple ones that show the life and personality of the deceased. Don’t spend money you can ill-afford.

2. Ask questions at the Funeral Home – Make sure you know and understand all procedures. Ask about identifying the deceased if they are to be cremated. Ask how you can be certain the ashes you receive belong to your loved one. Take a friend or relative with you so that you remember to ask the right questions and remember important points.

3. Make a Check-list of Planning Tips
Speak to family and friends who have already planned a funeral. They can talk you through the things they remember as being important to them. Keep a checklist of these things and involve the family and friends who ask you if they can help with anything. If there is nothing specific you would like them to do, then ask them to bake a plate of eats for the refreshments after the funeral.

Planning Tips should also Include Practical Planning Tips

4. Plan the Funeral Around the Deceased

Its only natural to want to plan a funeral around your own preferences. You may forget that its not about you. Actually you want to honour and celebrate the life of your loved one. Think about the personal things in their life they loved and how you can celebrate these. Ask a close friend or family member to read a poem, sing a much-loved song, or
remember past events that bring back good memories.

5. Shop around for a Good Funeral Home

Ask family and friends who have had good experiences with funeral homes to give you an idea of the
one that could suit you best. Don’t let people threaten or pressurise you into buying items you are not happy with. Make sure the funeral home makes you feel you are the one choosing, although they can assist in the final decisions.

6. Caskets, Coffins, and Decorative Urns

Often the caskets and coffins displayed at the funeral home are really beautiful, but extremely expensive. Don’t feel pressurised to go for something beyond your affordability.  Ask to see the cheaper ones. A pine coffin, used by the Jewish community, is plain, inexpensive and attractive. It is an especially good choice if the deceased is to be cremated, or if the burial is to be private. If pre-planning a funeral, beautiful but less expensive coffins and caskets can be bought online .

More Planning Tips

7. Funeral Parlour Packages

Funeral homes create special packages for different types of funerals. Insist on seeing a price-list too, as you often find you don’t need some of the items on the particular package offered to you. Compare prices before you make a decision.

8. Pre-planning a Funeral

If you have decided to plan your own funeral, and it is several years before you expect to die, choose a
well-known, reputable firm. One may be tempted to go with the local funeral home offering cheaper funeral plans but often the smaller parlours fall on hard times and consequently are forced to close their doors.

There are many pre-planning tips for a funeral, but by now you will have an idea of how to plan a simple, but memorable send-off for your loved one.

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