Customised Funeral Cover in South Africa

A traditional funeral sets one back anything from R7 000 to R50 000. One of the benefits of living in the 21st century is that we’ve got unlimited choices. Nothing is ‘the norm’ anymore, and you can pretty much do as you please. People no longer want to conform. And when it comes to funerals, you can break from the traditional and get customised funeral cover.

Nobody can say you must spend a certain amount on a funeral – it’s entirely up to you. Customised funeral cover in South Africa means that you needn’t even involve a funeral director if you don’t want to. Or you can choose the funeral cover that comes with enhancements. So over and above the funeral costs, you’ll also benefit from additional help. You can even get a shopping benefit. The amount will allow you to buy groceries for a year or so after the funeral.

Why Customised Funeral Cover is an Excellent Choice

  • A personalised funeral plan allows you to design and personalise your funeral.
  • It can be wonderful planning a funeral to include all the things you consider important.┬áBeing able to have a list of your or your loved one’s funeral wishes, will allow people to celebrate life.Customised Funeral Cover
  • Lion of Africa their clients have a customised funeral or a traditional funeral. Their funeral cover is for individuals or groups. Their website offers plenty of ideas, and you can take as much or as little as you want. You can design your headstone, write your obituary and much more.

People like to customise their funeral cover, and they appreciate working hand in hand with Lion of Africa because the company is reputable and are fully licensed. So when death comes, so will Lion of Africa. They won’t be like so many other funeral plan companies that take your premiums month after month and then disappear like a morning mist in the sun – with all your money.

Lion of Africa specialises in customised funeral cover for individuals, families and other groups. So all members can enjoy the personalised solutions they offer.

Don’t Pay for the ‘Frills’ you Don’t Want

The death of a loved one is always a difficult time, more so when you have to worry about finding money to pay for the funeral. But with a basic funeral costing in the region of R7 000 to R10 000, people are taking out cheap funeral plans which cost roughly between R25 and R150 a month.

By customising a funeral plan, you can control what you spend on a funeral. So many people are customising their funerals and eliminating all the ‘frills’ that cost a lot of money but which you don’t need.

The best way to ensure cash for the funeral is through a funeral policy so the insurer pays out an immediate cash benefit on the death of the policyholder. There are many benefits to having a funeral plan, and they can be added to as you need. And some of these useful benefits include an accidental death benefit, memorial benefit and others.

Plans which Suit Everyone

Why don’t you see what Lion of Africa has for you? Importantly, they are a leading short-term insurance company which started out in 1999. Consequently, as an authorised financial services provider, they create individual, and group insurance packages which suit everyone, and they tailor all their products to suit specific needs.

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