How the Differentlife Funeral Addon Works

Many people don’t like to talk about life insurance because it relates to hard times and tough decision making. DifferentLife understands that. They have come up with the best life and funeral solution they can think of – the DifferentLife Funeral Addon Plan.

They have used a very exclusive online platform, enabling all to benefit from a comprehensive range of products, just by going online. And when you buy life insurance through DifferentLife, you will feel empowered and safe because you are protecting your loved ones.

Aspects of the DifferentLife Funeral Addon Plan

  • Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited Group underwrites DifferentLife.
  • The DifferentLife Funeral Addon plan is worth considering – it is like a solid rock that your family can lean on when you pass away.
  • The Accelerated Funeral Addon will take a portion of your life insurance for the use of the people that you have named as beneficiaries. Your family will be able to use this money to cover all the funeral costs that can mount up and cause such stress.
  • The unique add-on cover based on your life cover and is limited to R50 000. Significantly, DifferentLife pays out the portion of your life cover that is left over after you have completed all the regular claims forms.


What about Terminal Illness?

Under the DifferentLife Addon plan, should you be diagnosed with a dreaded life-threatening disease such as cancer, and you have less than 12 months to live, there is the Terminal Illness Benefit added on. It will pay your life cover amount out immediately after the insurer has concluded the standard claims process. Your family can use the money however they see fit.

DifferentLife Funeral Addon

Some Double Payouts

Another add-on is called the Double Accident Add-on benefit. This benefit will pay the family beneficiaries out with an additional amount equal to that of the life cover amount. DifferentLife pays the combined protection limited to R10 000 000.

Guaranteed Insurance

You can never know what the future holds and what your insurance needs might be.  You might not even be healthy enough even to think about insurance plans anymore. For this reason, DifferentLife adds in the Guaranteed Insurability Benefit to your policy. Certainly, this programme will help you adjust when life events happen. These might be marriage, the birth of a child or buying a new home. This benefit, however, expires at age 60 for Disability, Critical Illness and Salary Protection and age 65 for Life Cover.

Things can and do go wrong

You want insurance that safeguards you and your family and protects you financially. It can be life insurance. It can be insurance on your salary. Or it can be for critical illness or the DifferentLife Addon benefit. Rest assured; you will need this security, no matter what stage of life you reach. You really cannot afford not to call 010 020 1920. Then enjoy life with peace of mind for you and your family.

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All info was correct at time of publishing