Muslim Funeral Colours

Funerals are different throughout the whole world. Muslim funerals are much the same as anywhere else and Muslim funeral colours are generally black.

A funeral is a time of mourning, and Muslims mostly stick to subdued clothes and appropriate Muslim funeral colours

In fact, the colours worn and the traditions and cultures vary. What is considered respectful to the deceased in some countries sometimes appears just the opposite in other countries.

Muslim funerals usually start either in a prayer hall or a mosque courtyard.

The Right Muslim Funeral Colours Do Count

The Muslim Funeral ColoursMuslim custom will draw on the interpretations from their sacred texts as well as their cultural practices.

Should you ever attend a Muslim funeral, you might discover that there are certain behavioural mannerisms that might not be considered quite right.

This also applies to the Muslim funeral colours for your clothing. Different colours mean different things and so it is important to follow some guidelines as listed below to help you when you attend a Muslim funeral.

In the Muslim culture, as in the Western world, black is an accepted colour to wear as your funeral attire. If you do some research, you will discover that black is not an acceptable colour for a funeral for everyone. Usually, the rule of thumb would be to wear conservative clothing in subdued Muslim funeral colours.

If you intended to bring out an outfit with bright colours, forget about it. Of course, there will be variations that do exist between the different cultural groups, so you might find that certain things might well be acceptable for some Muslims and yet not for others.

There are some cases where Muslim women do not even attend funerals. When a Muslim woman does attend a funeral, the Muslim Burial Council will suggest to her that she should cover her head.

Muslim funeral colours for women

Muslim Funeral ColoursWomen should wear loose fitting opaque, skirts or dresses at ankle length. Their tops should have long sleeves and high necks. For men, shirts and pants will suffice. Some men will also cover their heads.

If you are not sure about the outfit you should wear, just consider the Muslim guidelines and the main principles behind them, and that is modesty.

If you wear something that you feel most people would view as modest at the funeral, it is probably acceptable. In the Islamic custom, those attending a funeral are usually required to take off footwear before they enter the prayer hall. However, the weather might demand that you are wearing good warm thick socks.

Out of respect of the solemnity of why you are there, you need to make sure that your socks are clean and free of holes. Funny and very bright socks are unacceptable for a Muslim funeral. Black, white, navy or dark grey are acceptable. Tights or stockings in black, dark blue or grey are acceptable for women.

Mourning Period

There is a mourning period of 40 days after a death and in this time, the family members will dress only in black clothes. If the person who has died was a married man, then his wife will continue wearing black clothes for a whole year.

Those who are non-family members don’t have to comply with any specific clothing types during the mourning period. If you are visiting someone close to the deceased, you need to avoid wearing anything that shows flamboyancy or joviality.

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