Print Ready Funeral Plan Form for South Africans

A funeral plan form ready to print out will come in handy because planning your funeral is becoming more popular.

It not only takes the emotional and financial stress away from your family members, as a result, it gives you the opportunity to create a final celebration, exactly to your liking.

Having a funeral plan form lets you decide on the flowers, the music, the location and most importantly, the service you would prefer.

A funeral plan Form begins With the type of Service you would like

There are several options:

  • Funeral and a cremation or burial
  • A funeral with a service at the graveside
  • Service at a crematorium and a cremation
  • Graveside service without a funeral and a burial
  • Burial or cremation, followed by a memorial service
  • A funeral service at home


Funeral plan form extras:

  • You can request a viewing before the funeral
  • There is a “wake” after the funeral service
  • A gathering or reception at a church hall or other venue
  • Religious customs strictly observed

Put your requirements down in writing with a funeral plan form and indicate your personal preferences:

  • The funeral should take place at: ________________________________________________ Alternatively, it can take place at: _______________________________________________
  • A first choice for a pastor/officiant is: ____________________________________________ Alternatively, _____________________________________________________ can officiate.
  • My pallbearers should be: _____________________________________________________


  • My eulogy should be said by: __________________________________________________

or  __________________________________________________________________

  • I would like: ______________________________________________________________ to read a poem or a prayer.
  • These are the readings I would like:



  • I would appreciate it if people could make donations to the following charities, in my honour: ______________________________________________________________



  • I would like the following people, groups, and organisations to be invited to my funeral (this includes hobby groups, sports clubs, alumni associations:



  • Please invite the following people to my funeral; my family may not know them or have their contact details:

Name                                                                Contact Info
1. ________________________          ________________________
2. ________________________          ________________________
3. ________________________          ________________________
4. ________________________          ________________________
5. ________________________          ________________________
6. ________________________          ________________________
7. ________________________          ________________________
8. ________________________          ________________________
9. ________________________          ________________________
10. _______________________          ________________________
11. _______________________          ________________________
12. _______________________          ________________________
13. _______________________          ________________________
14. _______________________          ________________________
15. _______________________          ________________________
16. _______________________          ________________________
17. _______________________          ________________________
18. _______________________          ________________________
19. _______________________          ________________________
20. _______________________          ________________________

Funeral plan formAlso indicate on your funeral plan any funeral policies you might already have in place including the contact details of your financial advisor and the policy number and cover amount.

Some funeral homes allow you to pay upfront for your funeral so that in the event of your death, funds become automatically available for the funeral.

Once you have completed your plan, make several copies and give them to trusted friends or members of your family also you should store a copy on iCloud or Dropbox in case the documents get misplaced.

By planning your funeral, not only are you leaving a unique legacy, but you are also ensuring you don’t leave an unexpected financial burden on your family.

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