Funeral Cover for Pensioners

These days, there are many perks to being a senior citizen. However, funeral cover for pensioners can be difficult to find.

Pensioners experience many “roadblocks” when it comes to investments and policies. One such disadvantage is that it is difficult to get a funeral plan once you are already retired.

Some institutions block pensioners from certain policies as they don’t believe they will meet the monthly payment requirements.They also believe that pensioners are too close to death to receive any real benefit from a funeral plan.

Pensioners are more active and Living longer today

However, these days, people are working and living for longer than ever before. Most pensioners would like to provide some way for their families to lessen the financial burden of a funeral.

Funerals are more expensive too. The cost of a basic funeral now ranges anywhere between R10 000 and R15 000. It can, therefore, be a great relief for pensioners to know that there are some funeral plans still open to them.

Through a simple application process online, pensioners can apply for funeral cover. They can also apply telephonically; it only takes a few minutes. The majority of these plans open to senior citizens do not request medical tests or reports of medical history.

Funeral plans for Over 65’s in South Africa


Essential Life is one of the companies in South Africa that offers funeral plans to pensioners. Their plan, 66-74 Funeral Cover, provides funeral cover for people falling into that age group.

This plan has low premiums and is an excellent value-for-money option as it covers more than just funeral expenses.

Avbob is another company providing funeral cover to retirees; they do not discriminate when it comes to age – even if you are 80 years old!

They have a Cashback Lifestyle insurance plan, which provides insurance for your entire life (up to 80 years old). Avbob’s premiums begin at as little as R100 per month, giving senior citizens the peace of mind that they deserve.

Get the right Information when You most need it

It can be very stressful to organise, and even consider, making arrangements for death. However, it is essential to plan ahead in order to avoid placing an undue financial burden on those left behind.

South Africans worry about having enough money to give loved ones a decent and dignified funeral. And also about having enough money set aside for their own funerals.

SA Funeral Plan is a comprehensive resource providing information on South African funeral policies and generally all things funeral-related. It is also an ideal portal for gathering information on funeral plans for pensioners.

The information provided at is well researched and neutral. The website provides unbiased advice on every element of a funeral plan. And on policies that cater to every budget and age group, beginning with plans with premiums of R29.00 per month, and ending with plans that provide payouts of R200 000.

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