Funeral Plans for Zimbabweans

Having funeral plans for Zimbabweans is important if you are living in South Arica.

You must protect your family and loved ones from having to pay for a funeral, and having to come up with cash to send your body home.

Body repatriation can be expensive, and your family should be able to spend their time mourning you and not worrying about finding money to give you a dignified burial.

If you buy a funeral policy, your family will have the money to send you home and bury you properly.

Funeral plans for Zimbabweans includes:

  • No medical testing.
  • As a Zimbabwean and under the age of 75, regardless of where you live, you can take out the policy.
  • Cover in US dollars of $2 500.00, $5 000.00, $10 000.00, $15 000.00 or $20 000.00.
  • After 20 years of cover, you get free insurance.
  • Different options include single, family and group plans.
  • No borders, as a result, you receive insurance wherever you live.
  • Instant cash payouts, therefore, your claim will be processed within 48 hours and paid to any bank, anywhere in the world, via Telegraphic Transfer.
  • Tailormade premiums – choose the option of paying monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually. Also, say what day of the month or year your premiums should be deducted.
  • Get instant full cover for accidental death.
  • There is a three-month waiting period for death due to natural causes.

The single and Family plans

With the family plan, you receive cover for all your children until they are 23 years old, as well as for your parents, parents-in-law, and other extended family members under age 75.

The group Plan

This plan includes cover for burial societies, church groups and any other type of group association. As long as there are ten members in the group, and the group has been in operation before applying for cover.

It is an ideal solution for burial societies as the insurer takes on the lump-sum payouts, rather than the society.

What are the Benefits of funeral plans for Zimbabweans

Funeral plans for ZimbabweansThe benefit of taking out a funeral policy are the peace of mind you have, knowing that you planned ahead.  No one wants the embarrassment of not having the funds to give their loved one a proper funeral and a funeral policy ensures that your family remains dignified in death.

A funeral cash plan allows your family members to celebrate your life with a final farewell. It also means that you get a say regarding your burial.

Three-step Claim process

Step 1 Contact Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan via email or telephone.

Step 2 Gather the right documents.

  • Fill out the claim form.
  • Provide a death certificate, or the equivalent.
  • Provide proof of identity.


Step 3 Send all the required documents via email.

It makes sense and is far easier to pay a little every month towards a funeral rather than come up with a huge lump sum at the last minute and under stressful conditions.

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