Funeral Plan for R25 a Month

A funeral is a frighteningly expensive event in the 21st century. Where once death was primarily a time of sorrow and mourning, it’s become a time of anxiety too. If you don’t have a funeral plan for R25 month, you’ll have to be looking to pay an amount of 8, 9 or R10 000 for a basic funeral. Today, there are very few people who can just whip up R10 000 at short notice.

It is incredible that for a small amount – a funeral plan for R25 a month (a price less than three loaves of bread a month) you and your family can benefit from a funeral plan designed by experts. These are people who know how to provide a satisfying final send-off for your loved one.

Funeral Plan for R25 a Month – Who provides such Affordability?

Sanlam has evolved over the years from being a traditional insurer to being a diversified financial service provider. They have a world of experience at their fingertips, having been found in 1918 already. One of the products they offer is the funeral cover, which is so affordable, that you don’t have

Funeral Plan for R25 a Month

to worry about not being able to pay your premium. Their iCover Family Funeral Plan starts from R25 a month, providing you with the cover up to R40 000.

  • You can buy your funeral cover online.
  • Once you’ve submitted a valid claim, Sanlam pays out.
  • With this funeral plan, you can change it according to your circumstances. You can add a family member or spouse to the Plan and also change your beneficiaries.
  • The icover plan covers your spouse or partner, parents, parents-in-law, children as well as siblings.
  • Premiums do increase as your family members age – for example when a child becomes an adult.
  • Members will be informed of the premium increase well in advance.
  • The plan won’t pay out in some cases such as suicide, for war or terrorism or natural causes in the first 12 months.
  • Settlement of a claim with the correct documentation will be made available in 48 hours.


Funeral Plan for R25 a Month – Choose Sanlam iCover for so Many Good Reasons

South Africans view Sanlam icover as the best funeral cover in South Africa. The reason for this is that you can easily choose your level of cover online. You’re also investing with a reputable, trustworthy company. Once you have purchased your funeral cover, you’ll receive a Membership Certificate laying out the details of your plan. It doesn’t matter what state you are in medically, you’ll still be eligible for a Sanlam icover family funeral plan. With funeral insurance with icover, you’ll have cover for the rest of your life with their age-banded, affordable premium.


You can get a funeral plan quote from Sanlam within a few easy steps online. No medicals or blood tests are required. For more information, and to allow one of Sanlam’s financial advisers to contact you, call Sanlam on 0860 426 837. You can enjoy simple, convenient monthly payments with a debit order arrangement. Now is the time to start experiencing all the benefits of Sanlam icover, because then you get rid of financial-related stress and start enjoying peace of mind.

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