Funeral Plan for Domestic Workers

Many domestic workers earn excellent salaries and should be looking out for their insurances, just like everyone else. On the other hand, there are some who don’t earn much. So you may want to provide your domestic worker with a funeral plan for domestic workers.

The South African Labour Department increased the minimum wage for domestic workers in December 2013 so that those who work more than 27 hours a week have to earn R433.35 weekly and R1 877.70 monthly. And in instances like this, you’ll want to provide your domestic worker with a funeral plan.

Funeral Plan for Domestic Workers – Solutions for Small Wage Earners

Old Mutual offers a financial package aimed at the many South Africans working as domestic workers.  PWGW – Presidential Working Group o­n Women – launched the financial product with the support of Old Mutual. These women represent labour and business organisations as well as


Funeral Plan for Domestic Workers in South Africa


NGOs. Certainly, there is a need for financial products and solutions for women in South Africa, particularly those left destitute after the death of their husbands.

Women need to have greater access to savings and cover. But many women working on farms and in rural areas don’t have access to such luxuries as a funeral plan or life insurance. So, to this end, the Domestic Workers Plan was created to provide women with empowerment.

Funeral Plan for Domestic Workers  –What’s In it for the Average Domestic Worker?

The Domestic Workers Plan improves the financial circumstances of women, offering among other products, funeral cover for the family. The full package is available for a monthly contribution, and this will be dependent on the level of coverage requested. Head of the SA Domestic Service and Allied Workers’ Union said that she believed this was an important milestone for domestic workers. She urged all employers of domestic workers to embrace this opportunity.

Old Mutual knows that losing a loved one can be fraught with financial stress. Each of their funeral plans will cover you for your specific needs, and some of them come with additional benefits.
A funeral plan for domestic workers will pay out all valid claims to help with funeral expenses. Plans allow you to choose the cover for your specific needs and the more cover you take, the less it will cost. The Domestic Workers Plan won’t only improve the financial circumstances of women, offers the following benefits, it also provides other benefits such as:

  • health advice
  • trauma, assault and HIV support
  • legal support
  • emergency medical response
  • membership of a retirement fund – investments managed by Old Mutual


Funeral Plan for Domestic Workers – RIP after Years of Hard Work

Domestic works still form an important part of life in South Africa and until fairly recently, few have enjoyed financial benefits that you will find with formal jobs. Fortunately, Old Mutual now brings a comprehensive package geared to the specific needs of domestic workers.

One of these products is the funeral cover. Domestic workers, with a funeral plan in place, will now be able to work in peace. They can know that their employer has taken care of a funeral plan for them that will ensure after years of hard work they will have a decent, dignified funeral one day and a peaceful resting place.

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