Clientele Ultimate Dignity Plan

The Clientele Ultimate Dignity Plan provides a unique funeral cover; when the insured dies, it pays out all the instalments made, as well as the overall cover amount. That is a new and unique concept in South Africa, and Clientele is proud to act as a game changer in the industry.

Some of the benefits of the Ultimate Dignity Plan include a 24-hour helpline for the funeral; counselling for the bereaved family members; repatriation of the deceased, if necessary; and discounts on countless other products and services. Moreover, as in all other Clientele plans, the Ultimate Dignity Plan pays out within 24 hours, as long as Clientele receives all the required documents.

About the Clientele Ultimate Dignity Plan

The Clientele Ultimate Dignity plan is the only plan that refunds all your instalments. So that means that upon your death, your elected beneficiaries will receive the cover amount as well as the premiums you have paid up to that date. And do remember that to claim you will be required to submit documents, and the claim will have to be validated.

Clientele Ultimate Dignity Plan


What do you get with the Ultimate Dignity Plan?

  • Membership from as little as R132/month.
  • As much as R50 000 of cover for individuals.
  • As much as R250 000 cover for your family.
  • Cover for three of your children included in your premium.
  • Once Clientele has approved your claim, Clientele will send R200 worth of airtime to make the funeral arrangements easy.  The designated cell phone number will immediately receive the airtime.
  • The inclusion of the Grocery, Transport, and Unveiling Benefit.
  • You have the option to cover as many as 13 individuals under your one plan; this includes you and your partner/spouse, three children, and eight members of your extended family.
  • A funeral helpline accessible 24 hours a day; professional consultants will help you with different elements of the funeral, including offering you counselling and helping you organise the repatriation of the body if needed.
  • In the event of accidental death, you will immediately have cover.


Why does Clientele Ultimate Dignity Plan pay back the premiums?

Clientele pays back the premiums as a way of rewarding great customers. Often, customers stop paying their premiums mid-way, which means that they lose the money they have already invested, as well as face the financial burden of having to come up with a lump sum when somebody dies. That’s why Clientele rewards paying customers.

How to submit a claim:

For claims to be validated, it’s crucial that the correct documents are submitted timeously. To get your payout within the stipulated 24 hours, you need to provide certified copies of the following:

  • The deceased member’s ID
  • The death certificate
  • The beneficiary’s ID

There are various ways for you to submit this information. Just choose the method that is easiest for you:

  • Call Clientele on 011 320 300
  • Email Clientele at
  • SMS Clientele on 31041; be sure to include your policy details
  • Contact Clientele online at and go to claims
  • Fax Clientele on 011 320 3170


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