Prosperity Group Funeral Plans

Many people don’t have funeral plans. They suffer from ulcers fretting about how their surviving family members will deal with the money they have to fork out to pay for their funeral. South Africa offers many affordable funeral plans provided to individuals, companies and groups.┬áProsperity Group Funeral Plans is something to consider.

As an authorised financial services provider, Assupol Life offers life-, retirement annuity products and funeral cover. They were established in 1913 and conduct business according to their slogan – ‘serving those who serve’. As a burial society essentially for members of the police and other government employees.

Now, however, they cater to the general public, offering tailor-made insurance products for low to middle-income groups.

A Leading Provider of Funeral Products – Prosperity Group Funeral Plans

Prosperity Group Funeral PlansProsperity Life Insurance also provides a range of life insurance solutions designed to offer protection for critical illness or disability for instance. Should the primary member, for example, suffer physical impairment, Prosperity Life Insurance Progress Accident Plan provides this cash benefit. They were the first to introduce the 48-hour-claim turn-around, which has become the industry norm with all funeral plan providers.

Assupol owns the Prosperity Life trademark – an insurance company in South Africa by the Financial Services Board. ┬áThe idea behind Prosperity is to cater for the insurance needs of black people.

Assupol Life Insurance acquired prosperity Life Insurance in 2004, and today they are a leading provider of funeral insurance products. Let’s see what else they offer –

  • Their Excellence Family Funeral Plan includes the entire family – parents, spouse and children as well as other extended family members
  • the Excellence Family Funeral Plan also includes Assupol On-Call benefits.


These benefits include:

  • Things such as transport for the diseased, guaranteed hospital admission as well as financial and tutor advice.
  • With accidental death of the primary member or any of the other lives insured, the accidental death benefit pays out a double lump sum benefit.
  • Prosperity Life Insurance offers an optional Family Income Benefit. That means that a monthly payment of up to 10% of the funeral benefit at the death of the primary member and this continues for six months.
  • Their Progress 4Sure Plan includes an optional Spouse Funeral Benefit of up to 10%. That is on the main member’s assured sum.


Prosperity Group Funeral Plans – Family Funeral Plan

You can also choose the Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan. This product, as well as the Excellence Family Funeral Plan, is there for the convenience of the client. There is no need to leave home to conduct funeral product business with Prosperity and Assupol who provide customers with the opportunity to do their financial planning on the telephone or online – all in the privacy of your home.

The beauty about these funeral plans is that they provide more than just funeral benefits so that you can benefit from your policy while you are still alive.

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