Cornerstone Corporate Brokers

Cornerstone Corporate Brokers provides funeral policy solutions to South African pensioners. With its vast experience spanning from its inception in 1995, Cornerstone aims to fill the gap in the market for cost effective funeral cover to pensioners whose only source of income is government social grant schemes.

Also, the organisation has very popular products and values. One of which is that they uphold fairness for all clients by being affordable, accountable, innovative and reliable. Ensuring that all valid claims are paid within 48 hours of submission of the claim and documents.

Cornerstone corporate brokers – Areas

Cornerstone corporate brokersWith 64 offices and dedicated staff nationwide, Cornerstone corporate brokers are capable of providing personalised service to their clients. Their footprint is already  in the following areas through the successful provision of their group schemes:

  • Eastern Cape
  • Gauteng
  • Limpopo
  • Free State
  • North West
  • Northern Cape
  • KwaZulu-Natal
  • Mpumalanga


As a subsidiary of Assupol Life organization in funeral insurance. All policies are underwritten by the organization which has been in existence since 1913. The main principle at Cornerstone is that pensioners need affordable funeral insurance too, to ensure a stress free but dignified burial. As such the Pensioner Plan offers a number of additional benefits,s such as Tombstone and Family Care. This very popular Pensioners Plan, provides for a decent burial and has a number of varying premiums and corresponding benefits according to the policy holder’s preference.

It is competitive with top burial society products and services, and there is no age limit nor is there a medical examination before joining. Cancellation of policy is acceptable even without prior notice and will charge no penalties. For our client’s convenience, we have made premium payments convenient and easy at all Post offices nationwide as well as participating retail outlets.

Benefits under this plan include Dependant Benefits, Family Care Benefit and Tombstone Benefit. The Dependant benefit is for cover for the pensioner’s children or grandkids who they care for. It only covers children below 21. The pensioner can insure a total of 8 such minors. So family Care benefit cares for the family after the passing of the pensioner who in many cases is the only one drawing an income in the household by way of government grants.


The Cornerstone Solution package is for non-pensioners. So the plan is open to families and covers a total of 5 children. There are no medical examinations or joining fees and a waiting period of six months is applicable. Easy payment terms are available by way of various pay points across the country. Also, extra 15 days late payment allowance from premium due date. Lapsed policies can within six months by arrear payment. There are also no joining fees required or medical examinations. So all unnatural death is covered immediately and the cash benefit is paid directly to the policy holder’s nominees.


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