Amazulu Football Club Funeral Policy

Amazulu Football Club has a funeral policy named the Usuthu Funeral Benefit plan. It has some basic offerings for those who would like to be prepared for their own or the death of a loved one. The cover has a benefit for the actual funeral. Under this benefit, they will pay out a lump-sum when a death occurs for the individuals where they can validate the death, and for them to complete necessary forms. At an additional premium, the member can add extended family to their policy as long as these family members depend on this member financially. These can be parents or parents –in law or relations in that line. The Amazulu football club funeral policy is something to consider.

Amazulu Football Club Funeral PolicyThis benefit is called the family extender and can be used for a maximum of 10 family members younger than 94. Another benefit similar to this is the wider children benefit. It is also available at a premium. And it extends cover to children who are not the principal member’s legal children but are financially dependent on this member and are below 18 years of age.


Safrican – Amazulu Football Club Funeral Policy

The fund that underwrites Amazulu FC’s funeral plan in Safrican. Safrican’s terms of service, therefore, apply to all this policy’s plans. The principal member, for example, has to be between 18 and 94 years of age. And they need to have a recognisable source of income. And have a valid bank current account for the debit order. They have to reside in South Africa to be a member. And they cannot have another cover also under the Usuthu Funeral fund.

The policy recognises a spouse who is married by law, tribal custom or religion. They also consider relationships between two people of the same gender. The entry age for the spouse is 70 years old and below. Children’s full particulars and details of the relationship must go to Safrican within a month of joining the policy.

Memorial Benefit – Amazulu Football Club Funeral Policy

This policy also has a memorial benefit, which pays out another 50% of that at the funeral, a year after the death of a member and nominated family. Once they process the debit order correctly, the cover will start from that day. For the payments, you get a grace period of 1 month.

The policy is dead on the Safrican systme when the principal member dies; the policyholder can, however, terminate at any time. As with most funeral plans, a six month waiting period applies on joining unless the death is due to an accident. Amazulu will process the claim within 48 hours.

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