Funisure Funeral Insurance

Funisure funeral insurance is a part of the Multisure brand which has two main products namely a legal insurance and a funeral insurance brand. The Multisure brand targets people in lower income brackets. And therefore has very low premium products. KGA Life underwrites Their policies. A policyholder and their family get the funeral benefits when the policyholder, dependent or partner passes on. These benefits include; R18000 in cash and R2000 grocery benefit for their highest premium product in each category.


Funisure Funeral InsurancePremiums go according to age groups and marital status. The first age group is 14- 59, the second is 65-74. The younger age group for a single parent pay from R30 a month premium. Where the older single parent pays from R50 a month premium. Also, a family with the primary member in the younger age group pays from R35 per month premium. Whereas a family with the main member who is from the older age group pays from R65 a month premium. The cover benefit for the R30 option at the 14-59 age group, for example, is R3000, while the cover benefit for that same age group at the R95 premium is R20000.

The Funisure funeral cover is for a family. That is a principal member, spouse and children up to an age cap of 21. This cap increases to 26 for children that are still studying and are still dependents of the principal member. The member can also add other family members at an additional premium.

Funisure Funeral Insurance

Funisure prides itself with its very affordable premiums. In that, it pays out within 24 hours after you submit the claim. Which fares them favourably to most funeral insurers which pay out in 48 hours of claim submission and that they require very little administration and therefore minimise red-tape. The waiting period is six months for all policyholders, but this is reduced to a month for accidental death. Funisure also runs a referral reward programme which gives members a chance to hold their membership for free.

It pays a lump-sum of R5000 for a set number of referrals that join and keep their membership paid up-to-date as well as a monthly referral fee of R4.5 per member. It is taken off the member’s premium. This referral reward programme can also be done for income generation, the more members one recruits, the more money they make on a commission basis and if their referrals refer someone else, the first member in the referral chain also earns a referral fee.


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