Safrican Insurance Gives You the Funeral You Want

Safrican insurance knows that giving a family member a dignified burial can cost you a tidy sum. Indeed, in South Africa, the cost of a decent funeral can be in the region of R10,000 and much more.

Fortunately funeral cover is very affordable and even people earning tiny salaries can also benefit from a good funeral plan. Safrican Insurance company started way back in 1932. Their mission was to offer affordable funeral insurance to the surrounding communities.

Safrican Insurance has branches in all the major cities in the country. These include Cape Town, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, and Polokwane. And they have operations in Swaziland too.

Safrican Insurance – Have You Got Money for things such as a Casket?

Safrican InsuranceSafrican Insurance offers products and services which meet the needs of different groups and individuals by providing tailor-made solutions. With a funeral plan such as Safrican in place, all the frustrations, and pressures, of planning a funeral are removed.

Safrican Insurance understands that planning a funeral can meaning parting with 3 or 4 month’s salary. The sum covers the costs of the casket, the music, tents and catering. Importantly, Safrican provides a way to pay for these expenses. The company will provide you with the money you need according to the plan you have.

As an authorised financial services provider, Safrican Insurance has broad experience in the financial services industry. In addition, they have relationships with their market – funeral parlours, burial societies, church groups, trade unions and state-owned enterprises and corporations.

Safrican Insurance – For Just R48 a Month a Dignified Funeral is Then Guaranteed

One of the plans of Safrican is the Usuthu Funeral Plan. This plan came about when Safrican joined forces with AmaZulu Football Club to launch an effective funeral benefit plan. The plan can be tailor-made to suit anyone who wants to be prepared for their death of a loved one.

The Usuthu Funeral Plan ensures that policyholders have their assurance that their loved ones will have a decent burial. Fortunately, Safrican wants to be of service to South Africans, and they see the need to become a partner to the different communities.

They believe that by partnering with a credible football organization like AmaZulu FC, they can then offer their customers products which are relevant to the communities they serve. So their mission is to ensure that they can pay valid claims on time and in the right manner.

The Usuthu Funeral Plan provides cover which varies between R10 000 up to R40 000. For this, South Africans will have to part with just R48 a month. This affordable funeral plan is available to all the people of South Africa between the ages of 18 to 94 years of age.

What the Safrican Insurance funeral package offers:

  • Basic Funeral Cover – cash benefit paid out with a legit death claim and all the supporting documents within six months of date of death of the main member, their spouse and children
  • Memorial Cover or Gravestone Benefit
  • Optional – extended family member cover


Safrican Insurance understands that all you ask for is a decent, dignified funeral. And by opting to choose Safrican for your funeral cover you can then lay your loved one to rest in a way that everyone will be totally satisfied.

Do you want to sign up for a funeral plan? Then please complete and send the form on this page. We will then return to you with a funeral cover quote!

All info was correct at time of publishing