Things To Do When Someone Dies

When a loved one dies, it is very hard to know quite what to do immediately. After the initial shock, there are various steps which you must take. Oakleigh homes can assist with a great deal of this, but it is perhaps best to follow a structured CHECKLIST which will help get the process going. Here we look at things to do when someone dies.


Things To Do When Someone Dies

There are Different first steps to follow depending on the location and cause of death.

Confirmation, the person, is deceased

Things To Do When Someone DiesIt is relatively simple when the deceased passed away of natural causes. If the person was under the care of a family doctor and died at home. The doctor will sign the Notification of Death certificate. It goes to the family and the Funeral Director. Oakleigh home will then follow through obtaining the death certificate from Home Affairs.


Removal and Transportation to the Funeral home.

If a pre-death plan is not in place, then you must appoint a Funeral Director. Ask around friends and family, and choose a Funeral home that is local, and offers 24-hour assistance. Oakleigh Funeral homes are available at any time to assist. Their helpline is open 24 hrs (033 342 6116), and they will arrange collection at any time day or night.


Unexpected Death

In some cases, if death was by motor accident/suicide/drug overdose /poisoning /road accident etc. Then the body goes to the state morgue where the District Surgeon will investigate. Contact should be made with the SAPS. On instruction by the family, Oakleigh will keep in close touch with the state morgue and arrange collection on release.


Family Contact

Oakleigh Funeral Homes suggest that the family keep in close contact with each other. It will allow for support at this difficult time and share decisions regarding services etc.


Contact should be made with;

  • Employers
  • Pension Funds
  • Bank – remember once notified the bank will freeze the deceased assets until the estate is finalised
  • Nominated Executer
  • Short term and long term insurers to establish if there is perhaps a funeral policy that the families may be unaware of.


Funeral Services

Oakleigh will sit down with the family in a stress-free environment and if there is no pre-plan available will then be able to discuss and list various options according to the family wishes. Oakleigh has experience with this and will guide you accordingly.

Initially, after the death of a loved one, it may seem overwhelming. Certainly, it is valuable for people to read a checklist as above for things to do when someone dies before they find themselves in the situation of having to make arrangements.


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